Stuffed chicken with a mustard cream sauce

Stuffed Chicken Valentino

 So what do you do when you wanna eat chicken , but are really bored of all the Indian, oriental and grilled versions?? Well I tried something I hadn’t before…STUFFED CHICKEN!

It comes across as a tough dish when you look at it ..and think.. oh God I have to stuff a chicken!! But believe me, its not that difficult… 
On a major plus, if looks are something to go by ( n taste ofcourse) this looks pretty enough to be served to guests or even made on special occasions like I did…

Here’s how you go about making this deliciously tender and moist chicken breast variation.. 
So basically ,I butterflied couple of chicken breasts, marinated them in ginger garlic paste, rosemary, oregano, thyme, lime, paprika. salt ,rubbed garlic on it, cracked pepper, coated with coriander and seared it off in a girdle to seal it’s juices… 

Then comes the stuffing (which was oh-so delicious with its share of cream cheese, red n yellow bell peppers,olives, spinach n mushroom) n the grilling…n making the mustard n cream sauce to go over it… n well it was a lengthy process but the result was a resounding wow n I love u from the hubby… so;)
Try it when you wanna do something  different with your  regular chicken and earn some brownie points with the hubby.. or just about with anyone.


4 skinlesss chicken breasts
ginger garlic paste 1tbsp 
Roasted red and yellow bell pepper, cut into small dices.
Spinach leaves( chiffonade them)

Mushroom cut finely 
Green olives pitted (6-7), chopped
Few sprigs of parsley chopped… 
Cream cheese.. 
Parmesan grated about 2 tbsp
Mozarella grated about 4 tbsp

For seasoning: 

Olive oil 
Lime juice
paprika ( i used more..but suit yourself) 
thyme and rosemary. 

Now lets talk about how you are going to stuff them..

 Wash and clean the chicken breasts well.. proceed to dry them …place them in a ziploc bag and pound at it with a meat mallet till even all around. 
Cut the breasts horizontally across with a sharp knife so that they are still attached at one end it up and it will look like a butterfly.. 
Next we need to marinate it … No matter how many times I grill chicken I never scrimp on the marination time… its all in marination people… so MARINATE MARINATE & MARINATE!!

Rub olive oil, lime juice, the seasonings , ginger garlic paste , and rub some garlic on the breasts.. Cover and leave in the fridge for atleast 2 hrs. 

Now prepare the stuffing… 

This is the simple stuff…and the stuff that makes your chicken so freaking drool worthy!
Start by heating up a pan…pour some olive oil (1 tbsp ) and 1 tsp butter… add some garlic minced( 2 cloves) , add the spinach and toss it around till wilted..remove on a plate. Next add the chopped pepper to the same pan.. pls do not start washing and wasting all the flavor..once done remove to the plate with the spinach.. in the same way saute the mushrooms till just done.. add to the plate of veggies.. 
Once its cool, add the olives, cream cheese to it and mix well. 
PS : Add salt acc whie cooking each veggie. 

Set aside. 

Now bring out the chicken.. lay them flat on a plate…add some of the mozarella on top of the chicken, follow with a generous helping of the stuffing, top off with parmesan shavings… 
Next starting with the pepper and cheese side, start to roll up the chicken. Don’t do it too tightly or else all the stuffing will fall out.. Once rolled up, secure it in place with the help of a toothpick. 

Now Heat up a frying pan really well… once very hot add 1tspn of oil ..swirl the pan around.. 
Now with the help of tongs, add the rolled up chicken breast to the pan. DO NOT over crowd. and DO NOT disturb for 2-3 mins till it gets a wonderfully golden color… 
Turn it over carefully and brown the other side.. 

Preheat the oven at 180deg C. 
Arrange the breasts on a baking tray…pour some olive oil over it and let it grill for 20 mins till done.. 
Take it out of the oven once done…
PS: Remember it continues to cook even after taking it out and cooking for too long makes the chicken hard and rubbery. 
Also searing the chicken is totally optional. I do it coz i love a chicken with some color and i have found it helps retain the moisture of the chicken… 

Serve hot with some delicious pasta  and spoon over mustard cream sauce around the chicken for an even better taste… 

Make this and get ready for the compliments to start rolling in….  Happy Chicken time!!


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