Stuffed Mushroom Canapes

Stuffed mushroom canapes`

I have been pretty busy lately.. busy obsessing about mushrooms…may be its something about Thursdays that brings on the mushroom love ever so strongly… n so i found myself making these delightful lil things… or u can call them stuffed mushroom canapes!!

Its an easy peasy, done in a dizzy kinda dish..but don’t mistake it’s simplicity for complacency coz it packs a punch where taste is concerned…n scores on looks when impressing s the need of the hour..
Lets start with how you are going to make these delicious lil babies …
Obviously you will need mushrooms.. DUH!!

 Cast of characters :

1.1 pck button mushrooms…washed thoroughly in cold water, dried totally on tissues, pull out the stems…keep aside.
2. 1small red onion finely chopped
3. 5-6 cloves of garlic.. minced finely.
4. few snips of spring onion,
5. few sprigs of parsley chopped fine..
6. chillies cut at bias
7. smoked Gouda cheese, or even Parmesan will do…u can try Brie too…
8. cream cheese
9. bread ( cut into rounds with a cookie cutter , or any shape u fancy)
10. butter n seasonings ( oregano, chillie flakes, salt n pepper)

How to :

1. heat a nonstick frying pan , add about 4 tbsp of butter..twirl it till it coats the’s a lot..n that’s good while cooking mushrooms… pls Do Not start counting calories…
2. add them shrooms to the butter…add salt acc to taste,don’t disturb them immd… after 2mins turn them over n let the brown fr 2-3 mins on the stem side too… it should not shrink , just browned in butter fr 2 mins each side..set it aside on a baking tray ..let the butter remain in the mushrooms..
3. in the same pan add the garlic, sauté a min,add onions n sauté till pink n fragrant,.. toss in the seasonings…turn off the gas…add the spring onion green , mix, set aside.
4. grate the smoked goody Gouda…yummmm….
5… now assembling time…on a baking tray with the mushrooms, spoon some grated them with ur fingers so that the cheese fills the cap …now spoon the onion garlic mixture on top of the cheese…top tht off with sm parmesan shavings,parsley, seasonings…butter the tray…
mk the same filling with all shrooms…
6. preheat oven to 180 deg. put the tray in n bake at 180 fr 12 mins..
7. while its baking, toast the bread with butter till crispy n it has soaked up all the buttery goodness…
8. Spread some cream cheese on the toasted breads, at this point u cn go crazy n add whatever u like.. ketchup.. mayo…crackers…some cucumber …but I kept It simple coz I like my mushrooms taste to come thru without being overpowered by too many other stuff…
9. put the bread on a serving platter…
once the mushrooms r done, simply place each ( 2 for small shrooms) in the centre of a toast..garnish with sprigs of parsley n chopped chillie…
Serve immediately…
PS : can be made ahead of time n just baked at the last min ….

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