Cucumber masala lemonade

I used to be a difficult child… And, I got bored easily. As a matter of fact I still do. But, that’s besides the point. And I hate the Indian summer. Nope Nothing pretty about it. Not a damn thing. Except may be my gorgeous bougainvillaeas but thats not the point. The point is I can’t handle heat. Never had. Never will .
When I got bored as often as I did, I would make ridiculous demands for food that was not available in that particular season. Oh yeah, I was bad.
And if it happened to be summer, Dear God…I used to be super cranky. 
Nimbu pani (Indian lemonade) always appeased me. Every time.

But now I add a twist to times…when I feel like making the extra effort…but its soo  worth it.
So try these. The lemonade with the cucumber because they are a gorgeous combination and so purely delicious that you will want to finish them in one go.
AND, they are the perfect accompaniment to my spicy roasted masala peanuts..but as we say in India… “what is life without a bit of masala/spice?!” 😉

3 limes, 1 more for garnish
7 tbsps sugar (more or less to taste)
1/2 cucumber cut in round thin slices.
6 (medium) glasses water
1 tsp chaat masala (optional)
handful of fresh mint leaves

Method :
In a glass, squeeze the juice out of the 3 limes. For every 1 lime, add 2 tablespoons sugar and then in the end add an additional tablespoon sugar. If you like it sweeter you can always add more later. Mix well till the sugar disappears and is fully incorporated. Strain the juice of the limes through a sieve so you get rid of any seeds or flesh. Add the 6 glasses water, lemon slices, cucumber slices ,mint leaves and the chaat masala (optional). Chill before serving.

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