Sweet Pineapple Raita

A lot of grateful things have happened to me lately. 
I have finally found my long lost CD of “It happened One night” ( I am in love with Clark Gable..have been ever since I watched him as Rhett Butler in Gone with the wind, haven’t you?), my baby’s been a joy and has taken to school very admirably after a rather tumultuous clingy teary start..and my writing has been smooth.. not getting the case of scribe’s fever yet. 
On that note, do watch the Grand Budapest Hotel…. Its such a delight of a movie!! I only wish Bollywood would come up with something like that!!
I am feeling so happy and exciting. I met more incredible foodie friends and life without a full time help seems to be running smoothly. Thanks you guys for always inspiring me and taking the time to read my rambling dinner stories… 

I have always loved spicy food.. cant stand bland food at all! That being said, there are times and dishes that need a cooler accompaniment! One such usual chaperon to dates with extra hot dishes has always been a cold raita for me..And I am not talking of the usual boondi/mixed raita ( when have you ever seen my take the usual route huh?) ..  I am telling you the usual is just not me..coz well.. I am weird…but I am wonderfully weird! 😉
I tried something wonderfully weird and new and fresh on Eid …And boy did it took me over the edge that night!
Its a simple sweet pineapple raita. It’s my new favorite dish instantly.

Raita is an Indian yogurt based condiment used to accompany main dishes or snacks. I’ve tried a lot of raita but i made this sweet thing for the first time on Eid. It was a perfect blend and so well balanced. 
The freshness of this sweet creamy yogurt with tiny juicy pineapple cubes lingering on the surface is the most delightful raita I have ever tasted, yet it is so rustic and simple…


2 cup plain yogurt
1 cup fresh pineapple- cut into small cubes
1/4 cup pineapple puree
3 tbsp sugar (adjust the flavor as you like)
A pinch of salt
a pinch of cumin powder
Chopped green chillies’ ginger optional(add if you prefer a sweet raita with a hint of heat to it)


Combine yoghurt,pineapple puree, sugar and salt, cumin powder in the bowl and mix well until sugar is dissolved.

Add pineapple and gently mix.
Add the chillies and ginger now if so desired.
Check the flavor and adjust as you like.
Keep it fridge till ready to be served.
Serve alongside your favorite aromatic Indian dishes like I did with the spicy and different Dum Paneer Kalimirch and Kashmiri Pulao… Recipes found at
http://lapetitchef.in/paneer-kalimirch/ and

Its officially a family favorite now and I prefer it over its sourer cousins of boondi/mixed raita anyday!

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