Party Food Recipes!!

Oh yes!! Its that of the year, again!!  Where…and I mean WHERE did the year go!!???? I am still in Christmas mode…. and thinking there’s plenty of time to finish up things before the new year arrives in all its glory and splendour..and brings with it panic ..and anxiety attacks!!
You mean that happens only to me?? Well.. never mind in that case!!
But here’s what I am going to do to make sure you don’t get a panic attack like me at the thought of hosting yet another party after the week old Christmas lunch/dinner…

As I was scratching my head for party food ideas, writing and promptly crossing out ideas, I thought to myself why on earth should I put myself through this!!
Why not make what I know..what I already have and which I know is loved by all!!

That germinated the idea for the post….and so I decided to share some of these fabulous recipes with my friends, thats you folks!! Aint you lucky?? 😛 😛

These are easy to make recipes, most of which can be done ahead…and really easy to serve and eat!!
So this New year, Party on.. let your hair down, without spending a fortune or all your time in the kitchen!!
Simply spend it on the things you love the most…your family and friends.

Lets get the party warmed up with some hot soup…perfect for the cold,chilly night!

1.Classic Tomato Soup – Coz nothing ever can or ever will beat a good bowl of soup. 

And as you warm up your guests …its time to get the party rolling with some fabulous starters..both desi and videshi..fare from Indian cuisine and World cuisine to make sure that your New year party is nothing short of the best party in town!
Oh..and with my presentation ideas,your friends won’t believe you made these at home 😉

Desi/ Indian Starters: 

Non Veg :

2.Tandoori Prawns with Garlic butter – Yes, it is winter..and Prawns call out to me..especially if they are grilled with a yumm garlic chillie butter  and served alongside some cool coleslaw..and mint chutney. 

3. Essential Chicken Tikkas .. Which Indian party is complete without chicken tikka!?? None.
 And with this easy make ahead recipe, you can ensure yours isn’t too!

4. Sticky Drums of Heaven – Yes!! Finger Party food..Glorious, spicy,sticky party food…Chicken Drumsticks that are soo moreish people will want to kiss your hands soon after 😉

5.Stuffed Naan/Pizza Pockets – Innovative little pockets of sheer deliciousness! Serve in mini bite sizes..or in nomal ones like I did…either ways your guests will gorge on these!

6.Special Paneer Tikkas  – Yes, yet another tikka!! Hey, I am Indian ..Tikkas are a way of life for us! And why shouldn’t they be?? They are healthy..grilled oil, perfectly succulent and mildly spiced Paneer/Cottage Cheese tikkas that everyone simply loves, always.

7.Mushroom Achari with a Cheese dip.. This is a hot fave at my house..My Dad in law always demands it,and the dip is eaten with tons of things by the others! Serve as is with achari Mushroom tikkas…or simply serve the delicious cheese dip with Nachos, salsa..some chips or even Sweet Potato/French Fries… Everyone loves it. 

8. Dahi Kebabs/Yoghurt Fritters – This is a rather special “hatke” starter.. Yoghurt fritters!! Come on.. you Have to share these with your friends..You Must!

Videshi/World cuisine Appetizers: 

9. Dal Kachori..the Mombasa way – Kachoris are a normal snack in India…but when you add the Mombasa way twist to this, what you get is crunchy, crumbly, flaky pastry with an absolutely delicious filling of moong daal..and wait for it…raw green mangoes!

10.Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Canape – Cheese Stuffed Mushroomy goodness…. perfect crowd pleaser!

11. Hassleback Potatoes with Tzatziki–  I don’t knowabout you,but I need some potatoes daily. But when its parte time, I like my taters to be served in style!

12. Melt in your mouth Cheese Balls – Cheese- yes. Melted White Sauce- yes. Deep Fried- Hell yeah!! Recipe of all you need to make your guests happy, right here in these lil balls..served with 5 different sauces and a bed of fresh salad.

13. Tomato and Pepper Tartlets – I will come out and say this. These made P moan….yes, there is other word for it. Make them and let your guests swoon over you!

Insalata…. or Salads, with a difference of course!

14. Gordon’s Pineapple Carpaccio – Salads are essential..and this one right here is about as gorgeous as a salad can look and taste! Make this without a doubt. 

15. Insalata Caprese with a balsamic glaze – This was is a must mae..Evereyoneloves a good caprese of course, but by adding my balsamic glaze twist, you will take it to another level!


Easy and absolutely Delicious Mains… 

16. Thai Noodles – For those who fancy noodles, and who doesn’t? These are super easy..quick and the sesame oil and peanuts give an incredibly new take to good old noodles! 

17.Pizza – Home made sauce and 3 different toppings! Hand made all the way… a slice of Italy for your guests and of course you!!

18.Pasta in Tomato Cream win for all – Some like them white, some like them red..heck..gets tooo confusing for parties! Now serve this delicious shade of orange and satiate everyone’s pasta needs! 

19.Pav Bhaji – An ode to Mumbai and India.. who can resist this on a cold winter night?? Ans: None. 
Plus have your guests feel involved by helping you grill the buns… nothing like some cooking fun!

20. Vada Pav…Desi Burgers/Sliders – Yes!! Yes!! and Yes again!
I love Vada Pavs..or Potato pea Burgers/Sliders… call them what you wish to, but here’s my verdict: they are perfect party staples, Easy to make, guests assemble their own acc to their taste.. and yes, its everyone’s hot favourite and filling to boot!!

Sweets for your sweet tooth..

Serve from a variety of desserts to your guests…and make them uber happy,even at the end of the meal!

21.Rum&Raisin Brownies – Who won’t desire a piece of this brownie after a sumptuous feast of a dinner?? Rum, raisin and chocolate come together to make this perfect after dinner bite.. 

22.Strawberry Cheesecake shooters – Indulge in the delicious airiness of the surprised at the lurking chocolate..and feel the tang of strawberries without feeling any of the guilt as you savour these perfectly mini portioned cheesecake shooters! 

23. Chocolate Cupcakes with Mile High Frosting – nothing too fancy…but yes, these cup cakes with the mile high frosting will take you to chocolatey heaven in a jiffy!

24. Zaffrani Kheer( Rice Pudding) with Butterscotch drops – Royal ending to a wonderful dinner. End the last year and ring in the new year on this royally Indian note with exotic saffron and butterscotch in your kheer/ rice pudding!

25. Paan Shots – And finally serve a digestif… but heck, not those usual mouth freshner or mint candies..I bring to you a super fun digestif..which can be served in a virgin form or not…upto you and your guests!

And last but not the least, bid adieu to 2014 with a lot of good cheer, joy and gratefulness for all the experiences you had and wisdom you gained(hopefully) , for the new friends you made..and old bonds you strengthened… for new passions learnt and old interests sharpened!

Welcome 2015 with positivity and the resolution that come what may will never give up it your dreams, your wishes..or even simple everyday things.
Never to look back with regret..Life is about moving on..and so, the show must go on, albeit by the addition of another year!
In a year that saw soo many tragic deaths and at a time when murder and rape have become the norm of the day, lets take a moment and pledge to ourselves that this year, we will do our part in making the world a little more peaceful.. a better place for us and our children..Lets teach our kids the right things and lets not forget to practice what we preach!

Lets welcome the year 2015 together folks!! 
May it be good to all of us… 
Love & Luck,
S <3

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