Breakfast Parfait..

Who likes breakfast?? I don’t. But Daddylonglegs P does!!
And every once in a while, I like to wake him up in style…just to remind him why he is so lucky to have me ( typically after a night of tantrum thrown by me) 

Make this simple and healthy Parfait…and gift yourself and your family the start to a wonderful day!
Made of nutrient packed muesli,papaya and oranges, grapes..and a special super healthy strawberry yoghurt , this is something I am willing to break my no breakkie rule for!!
Are you??
There is no real recipe here.. I just improvised with the things I had on hand..
Start by cutting some ripe papaya into fine thin sheets…segment some oranges..

Layer some papaya in a glass…add whatever fruits you like…
Add muesli..some berries of choise… pomegranates.

Layer that with a good dollop of Frozen strawberry yoghurt (I made my own, recipe in a separate post) or flavoured yoghurt of your choice..Pile on more fruits,nuts,pomegranates and a mint leaf..
and serve!
Easy,quick, pretty and healthy!

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