Bruschetta with Gouda & Cherry Tomatoes!

An antipasti for the crazed nights.. 
Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes,gouda cheese
I have been in love with Bruschettas for the longest time now. Its not a heady, tumultuous adulation that changes with the changing season. Rather it’s the kind of steady love one feels for most things dear to ones heart. Like the love you feel for your child or the love you feel when you open that much adored book, read so often that you know every word of it, still you reach for it in the cold of the night or long for it in one of those solace craving moments. 

I love so many things about cooking. Its so much more than just making food that will provide for your family’s hungry mouths. I love how I can take something raw and create with it! There is no limitation in the cooking world really. I let my heart dictate me in the kitchen. And the results are something I usually love!
But there are also crazy hectic days when you don’t even have the time for lunch. And by the time its evening, the very thought of slaving over a hot stove fills you with dread. Especially since you still have work to finish, and homework to check and house to clean and so on. And given I hate anything in a takeout box, I am often left in a quandary.
Thats when this easy dish comes into play for me. True, it’s really only an appetizer, an anti pasti, but on some rare nights, this is enough for us. 
Bruschetta with gouda cheese,cherry tomatoes and colored pepper
I tend to serve this with the easiest grilled chicken and some baked vegetables, and dinner’s done even before I can say “I’m tired”!
My sister reacently got back from a trip to Netherlands, and but of course she came loaded with chocolates of all kinds.So much so, that I have been eating them as an excuse for breakfast 😉 
What?? You mean you don’t!!!??? :O 
Anyhow, so she’s a total foodie..loves to eat, has amazing food knowledge but when it comes to cooking, …lets just say, she isn’t an eager beaver. 
The moment I saw the gouda I knew what I wanted to make..and I am making that. But I knew my darlin sis will never even attempt that. Thats why these bruschettas happened. 
Because when your sister gifts you Gouda, you HAVE to make something absolutely yummy with it. 

And as a special thank you to her, I decided to keep it REALLY fast, fun & fabulous, not to mention easy for her and other pressed for time working professionals & moms like me. 

All it takes is 10 mins to make …and even lesser to finish these 

wink emoticon

PS: Perfect finger food to munch on while watching tomorrow’s match…or for just about any game night! Call in your favourite buncha people, dish out these by platter and bask as they ooh and aah over your cooking prowess. 
I promise I will keep the secret of the dish with me… 🙂 

Bruschettas are really versatile. I make mine with chicken, mushrooms , parmesan and tomatoes too.. There’s no dearth of spreads too.. You can do a guacamole dip on it, or a simple cream cheese, leave it as is..pile up the olive oil, or like I did this time, spread some zesty tomato salsa and ranch dressing on it! Find the fabulous, keeps in fridge for 2 weeks, home made salsa recipe right here.. and the Mushroom Brushcetta

  • 1 Baguette – Cut into slices of desired thickness.
  • 1/2 red bell pepper – cut into small chunks
  • 1/2 yellow bell pepper- cut into small chunks
  • 20 cherry tomatoes
  • Olive oil 2 tbsp,+more for drizzling
  • Garlic 6-7 cloves,sliced long and thin
  • Basil leaves, Chiffonade and chop finely
  • Few snips of chives.
  • Gouda cheese – 2-3 long chunks per slice 
  • Italian mixed herb spice 1 tsp
  • Herb garlic butter – for grilling the baguette.
  • Salt as per taste.
  • Optional:
  • Tomato salsa.
  • Ranch dressing.


  • In a wok, heat the olive oil. Add the garlic and sauté just till fragrant. 
  • Add the veggies, the spices and toss for 5 mins till cooked for not browned at all.
  • Add the basil. 
  • Simultaneously grill the baguette slices in butter till crisp.
  • To assemble, simply pile on the veggies on the slices, add the Gouda ..the chives,drizzle on a little extra virgin olive oil and serve.
  • I also spread some of my home made salsa on some slices and drizzled with a basic ranch dressing on others for a flavor variation. Both work well.
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  1. Do you de-seed the tomato or leave all the seeds in? I want to try this recpie but I’m a little unsure if leaving all the gooey seeds in will make the bruschetta too runny.From the picture it looks as if you left the seeds in, I’m just checking

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