Raw Mango’s Luxe avatar / Kachi Kairi Twist

Yet, one more summer cooler that will leave your guests in awe of your mixing skills!
Raw mango cocktail that uses belvedere and gives a complete twist to this standard Indian drink. Try this new Luxe avatar of kachi kairi/ aam panna this summer!

Let’s get a quick round of few more drinks now! 

Enough with the stories, well no, not enough but for now, let’s just say we will take a little vacation from the stories while I bring to you a few fabulous cocktail/ mocktail recipes. 
Yes, you simply have to give this a try!!

{My favorite way to have raw mangoes as a child used to this..simply sprinkled with some paprika and rock salt… I still sneak in a bite or two when no one is looking 😉 Have you tried it yet?? }
It’s summer in India, which means it’s mango season!!! Finally! And one little girl and her food crazed mom are especially delighted. I have been stocking up on the raw mango now. Soon I will be sharing with you a slew of recipes using raw mango and making you fall head over heels in love with it if you aren’t already. However, I like easing into things..and giving twists to old favorites. 
That is the sentiment that brought this cocktail into the picture. 
Aam Panna is such a typical Indian summer drink. It can be found in every fridge in Indian homes, stir in a spoon of sugar, some rock salt, jeera powder and water and people drink it all through summer. It’s healthy, nonfattening, cooling, easy and as a bonus helps you ward off sun/heat stroke. And if you live in parts of the country where temperatures soar to 47 C (like I do), this humble aam panna literally feels like manna from heaven!
But its never enough for me.Especially when I have company…or when I am longing for something just a tad more boozy. 
That’s when I decided to give the humble aam panna a makeover..a fabulous luxe one at that!! 
And the results were simply mind blowing!!
The friends who had come over, couldn’t quite believe it was the humble aam panna they were drinking..And I came to know later that Grand Hyaat Hotel, New Delhi has come up with something similar too!!

I used Belvedere Vodka coz we love it, apart from Grey Goose. But feel free to swap for your favorite brand.
It’s almost like a Bloody Mary but with just a little more. The flavors gel quite well with each other and result in a smooth cocktail that is cooling and exciting at the same time. 
Trust me, give your humble aam panna(raw mango drink) a new luxe twist, you might just never go back to plain old aam panna again, especially when you have company!!


Makes 4 glasses
Time taken 5 minutes + Time for pureeing the raw mango. 


  • Raw Mango Pulp – 1/2 cup
  • Mango Juice – 2 cups
  • Tobasco sauce – a teaspoon for each glass
  • Ginger pieces- mined 2 teaspoon
  • Orange Juice- a few squirts(squeezes) per glass
  • Belvedere Vodka – 1/2 cup. 
  • Ice Cubes
  • Coriander stalk and Orange slices for garnish.


  • Pressure cook the raw mango till soft (3-4 whistles). Take it out in a bowl and puree till smooth.
  • In a glass, pour some tobasco sauce in the bottom. 
  • Add the ice cubes.
  • Now pour the raw mango puree. Top up with more mango juice..minced ginger, squirt some orange juice and serve!!
Sit back and enjoy the look of astonishment as your guests realise this is their good old aam panna, in such a fabulous new avatar.
S 🙂 

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