Mango Lemonade

Mango lemonade?? Does that seem weird to you? Completely unimaginable?? Or are you the sorta gal (or guy ) who is open to trying out new things ..and maybe even falling in love with them, just like I have, with this new fangled mocktail variation of mine. 

Refreshing take on lemonade

Yes, flavored lemonades are no biggie. Almost all restaurants come up with their own combinations during summer, the most common being litchi and strawberry. 

But here’s what happened. My husband’s family has a farm..a gigantic 5 acre land where farming is done and come every summer, my sweet dad in law sends us these amazing glorious homegrown mangoes from the farms!! 

And yesterday we received two gigantic boxes of homegrown ,smelling of heaven mangoes…and the best part is its all “malda” and “langda”…which are basically two varieties of mangoes that are exceedingly sweet without being too fibrous, have a rich orangey (is that a word even) pulp and a thin seed. 

Lets just say right now my home smells like a paradise..its almost like I have died and gone to mango heaven with their sweet intoxicating smell beckoning me from every room..I am eating them by the dozens.. I know I will get fat by the end of it, but right now, I couldn’t care less. The mangoes are simply fabulous!!

mango lemonade1

So, anyways you will be seeing a few (ahem) mango recipes coming up in the next few weeks.. but before i proceeded to make something too complicated, I did this. 

Just this simple sweet, tangy perfect way to sip heaven…. I swear you will not find it weird once you try it. In fact you will wonder why on earth didnt you do this earlier…just like I have!

Go on then.. give these easy peasy, tiny adult friendly, big adult friendly lemonade a shot… and hey if worse comes to worst, you can always count on some handy vodka or rum to make things better! Just saying 😛 


S (hic)!

mango lemonade3

Mango Lemonade
A refreshing and out of the ordinary way to spruce up lemonade. The sweet mango nectar does amazing things to the lemonade and a splash of your favorite alcohol can make it the perfect brunch cocktail too!
Recipe type: Beverages
Cuisine: Indian
  • Mango Puree- from 2 ripe mangoes.
  • Lemon Juice -squeezed from 2 limes
  • Sugar - 3-4 tablespoons (sub honey if desired)
  • Sparkling water or soda - chilled - 500 ml
  • Ice cubes
  • Mango slices and mint for garnish
  • Optional:
  • A dash of your favorite vodka or rum to turn this into a cocktail version.
  • I recommend Belvedere or Absolut.
  1. Start by making the puree from 2 ripe mangoes.
  2. Blend it thoroughly.
  3. In a small glass, mix the sugar with some water till completely dissolved.
  4. In a large jug or carafe, add the mango puree, top with the dissolved sugar or honey for sweetening it, add the lemon juice. Give it a thorough mix. Chill if not using immediately.
  5. Just before use, divide the mango mix into tall glasses,making sure the glass in half full,
  6. Add some ice cubes, put a mango slice, and then top with sparkling water or soda.
  7. Garnish with fresh mint sprig and serve!
  8. Optional:
  9. Add the alcohol as desired with the sparkling water.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe ! I’ll definitely try it one day. I think you made a mistake in the ingredients, it says 2 limes to make the lemon juice

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