Rose Lassi

Some days just demand Exquisite..and the easiest way of bringing a little special into your life, is with this glass of delicious, fragrant and cooling Rose lassi made with homemade yogurt and pure gulkand or a sweet rose preserve . 


I have so many memories of my home and my mom..and one of those memories takes me back to this Rose lassi. Often after tending to the garden, my mom would make this simple drink for us, especially in the summers. Soon we learnt to do this. And welcomed her with it when she came in all tired but happy. 

I grew up in a gorgeous big house with blue mosaic columns reaching all the way up, beautiful chocolate colored gates that had to be specially ordered..and a huge temple on the 1st floor that can rival the best of mandirs in the state. Its got marbled floors that keep it cool in the summers and beautiful balconies attached to every room to snuggle in with a good book in the winters. This is the house I grew up in..the house I became a woman in..the house P and I stepped into as a married couple..and of course the house my baby was born into. 

This is the home my parents built for us..and every little nook and corner of that house in known to me like the back of my etched in my memories. I can still visualize the stair case that leads upto the 1st floor and the gorgeous tiled mural of a soaring eagle …I can feel the cool evening wind in my hair as I sit down to a cup of chai and some gup shup with my mom and sister…and the nights?? Oh the memories…!! It immediately transports me back to our terrace and the white swing there…the one where we used to camp out late into the night…telling each other all kinds of things..random, trivial things..and sometimes having deep discussions…at other times debating over the silliest of things, and often breaking into a song game or antakshari as we call it in India. This is also the place where P and I have spent many a night laying on the terrace, gazing at the thousands of sparkling twinkling stars above us and talking of everything and nothing.


But in spite of so many amazing things that I miss about my home, its my parents garden that pulls tugs at my heart like a long lost friend. Our garden is huge. Its always boasted the best of flowers..and we have always believed in self sustenance, so we grow our own veggies too..But when I think garden,I see my mom. My gentle, kind , intelligent and extremely loving mother…bent over pots, rake in one hand..shears by her side..instructing the gardener and working herself too..her hands dirty with mud, her face red from the heat..still nurturing her flowers and plants as gently as she nurtured the three of us..


Rose lassi is a ridiculously simple drink to make..yet there is something so satisfying about it. Its light and healthy ,made of home made yogurt (which is what I grew up on), has the delicate aroma of rose and just a whiff of cardamom to it. Gulkand also seen in this fabulous Paan shots is what gives the lassi its essential flavor. The rose preserve is really healthy for you and is quite easily available in most Indian stores. I have some fun recipes coming up using gulkand so rest assured, your investment in gulkand wont go to waste 😛

And if you really want to try different lassi, give these a go too.. A savory Buttermiilk and a deliciously exotic Peach lassi. Lassi pairs amazingly well with most Indian dishes..I can’t imagine having a spicy Indian curry and rice or naan without this glass of manna!! 


This rose lassi is everything you need at the end of a long,insipid, tiring day..Its cool, light, healthy and perfect to soothe your senses in every way. Give this a try on a hot summer day and create new memories of your own.. 


A totally nostalgic,

S 🙂 

PS: The source for the information behind that wonderful glass of lassi is the immensely talented Simi Jois of the photographic genius blog Turmeric and spice. Go and take a look around her amazing space , stay a while and lose yourself in it… 

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Rose Lassi
Prep time
Cook time
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A deliciously light, fragrant and healthy lassi made form home made yogurt (method given) and gulkand or rose preserve.. Add a little exquisite to a normal day with this.
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 5 glasses
  • 4 cups of home made yogurt or dahi
  • Gulkand or rose preserve - 5-6 tbsp
  • Rose syrup 4 tbsp
  • Sugar / honey - 1 tbsp
  • Ice cubes - 1 cup
  1. Blend together everything in a blender till mixed properly with no bits of ice remaining.
  2. You can add more sugar/honey if desired.
  3. Also, some people like their lassi thick, but I prefer mine to be a little less thick, hence I use a lot of ice cubes. Use less if you likes yours thick.
  4. Serve cold , garnished with rose petals or chopped pistachios if desired.


14 thoughts

  1. I love lassi – and this is a new one to me! (Restaurants here in New York fixate on mango – I prefer variety!)

    One question – you mention cardamom, but it’s not in the recipe. Is it already in the rose preserves?

    1. Its so good to know you enjoy lassi!! Even I like trying out new flavors. try my peach lassi too… Its so refreshing.
      For the rose lassi, cardamom is already there in the gulkand..extra is not needed.

    1. I know.. Mango is the most common one.. I tend to like new flavors, so anyways.. give this a shot! And the peach lassi too…. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting…DO link up to the Saucy Saturdays link party that I co host ..

  2. OMG, I don’t think my husband and I would even be able to firgue out where to go if that happened to us! LOLSo glad you got out and had fun. Yes, slow down and savor the time with each other whenever you can! After all, the rest of us must live vicariously through **someone**! ROFL

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