Saucy Saturdays #2


Here we are again.. at the start of a brand new weekend..and yet another fabulous Saucy Saturday!


I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with the love we got from you all last Saturday..This just proves how amazing the blogging community really is ..and how important friendship is.

This week has been crazy for me..and really busy too, which is how I love it. I celebrated Lapetitchef turning 1 last weekend( I know!!! ), did you see the amazingly sinful rocky road cake I made?? You MUST (sorry for screaming) ..Things are looking good..I am soon going to be featured in one of the leading magazines here in India, and a concept restaurant just selected 8 of my recipes as a part of their menu! Things have been good. Things have been busy. I still have thousand more things to do, blog wise, and otherwise too and the hours in a day simply aren’t enough anymore.

After having pulled all nighters this entire week and living on 5 hrs of avg sleep, I am finally going to take a break this weekend and get away from blogging for a bit..A good book and some coffee is all i need right now..10750500_1038410482839968_7381669508823083886_o

How about you??  Did you get your 8 hrs of sleep?? Are you a nightowl like me? And have you managed to find the successful formula to time management..??  If yes.. Here’s my advice!! Patent the damn thing (pardon my French) !! And after you have done that, please share your life altering secret with me..I could use some magic 😉

Coming to SaucySaturdays#1, we were really spoilt for choice with some awesome creations. We almost thought we would have  to fight it out to select the TOP 5 Featured recipes, but hey what do you know, the girls and me are more zen like than I had thought 😛

Couple of the features were almost Unanimous ..they blew us away with their creativity..and some, with the detailed recipe. We LOVED going through the posts of sooo many talented bloggers…drooling endlessly on some seriously good food and reading the stories (which is my weakness by the way) …

Finally…  Drum Rolls Please!!


These are our Favorites from last week…  A Huge Congrats to the Featured Bloggers!! YAY… 🙂

I LOVED all the links, but these 5 had me drooling and craving them from the word go.. A couple of them have already been bookmarked to be tried later..and a few coz of the detailed recipes..If you haven’t seen them last week, go on and check them out now..Pin them, share them ..but do not miss them! You will definitely find something that you love.

Below are just a few of the host’s favorites from the very first #SaucySaturday Link Party!

featured post. 4 july

BULLET23 This AMAZING Ice cream had me panting..All I wanted to do (rains no bar) was to grab the biggest spoon I had, get into my PJs, climb into the bed for a marathon viewing of Downton Abbey..with THIS! April’s Caramel Brownie Icecream was our unanimous choice!


 BULLET23 Bobbi’s mindblowing Tea Smoked Chicken simply had to be featured!! We loved this ancient Chinese method of smoking poultry with oolong tea, spices and herbs and that fact that the chicken was given 3 layers of deliciousness; the marinade, the smoky herbal essence of the Oolong tea and herbs and the ginger honey soya glaze. I for one cant wait to try this!! 


BULLET23 And given my lifelong love for sandwiches, crostinis, tacos, subs, how could we NOT choose this perfect Onion Relish from Jenny!! This gave us all the perfect companion to our sandwiches and although I make my pickled onions in a different way, Jenny’s version seems way too good.


BULLET23 This was the dish that won our hearts coz of the extremely detailed manner the recipe was shown..macarons are not the easiest of bakes, and with this Fabulous Chocolate and Hazelnut macarons, Michelle simply willed us hosts into atleast hoping to give macs a go…  Go check them out.. Now!


BULLET23 And to round up the perfect feast we had, we went with this extremely fresh and “different” Sangria from Dan! I loved the story behind the drink..and the fact that this glass was all I wanted at the end of a long hot day!


We had so much fun doing this!! Cant wait for today’s links..  Go on…  Add your links and get a shoutout on every social media.. 🙂 As always, Its a party… but we do want you to follow the rules..mix with others and your hosts..and show everyone some love! 


Follow your hosts now to stay tuned to the latest #SaucySaturdays news! 

Jennifer from Take Two Tapas @ Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Swayam from La Petit Chef @ Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Dini from The Flavor Bender Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Christine from Mid-Life Croissant @ Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

There is no joy like growing together as a group….  



La Petit Chef

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6 thoughts

    1. Thanks soooo much Michelle!! We absolutely LOVED the macarons.. I will definitely follow your recipe if i ever get around to making these.. 🙂 Hv a fun weekend!

  1. Congratulations on Turning 1!!! This is a huge milestone and so many things to be proud of, India Magazine, recipes in a new restaurant and a beautiful blog and kiddos too! Thanks so much for featuring our BBQ Oolong Tea Smoked Chicken. Please take care of yourself as if you get sick who will take care of momma… Take Care, BAM

    1. Thanks so so much Bobbi!! And that chicken… whoa!! Exactly what I had been wanting to make.. and now will!! In a smoked tikka flavor 🙂 Do link up this Sat… we love having your amazing food here

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