Saucy Saturdays #4

Hi everyone! Back for some more partying, are we??

Good. That makes the four of us so so incredibly happy. In fact it makes me so happy to see you here that all I want to do is break open my bottle of bubbly and pour y’all a flute of stars 😛 (Still hung over from Fault in our stars..sorry) 

So how have you all been? Good week? Bad week?? There is nothing like chatting with friends to make a good day even better..and on a bad day, friends are a Godsend. Right? 

Recently I was quite shaken by a bad news I must have come as a shocker to most of us and I still don’t know how to respond to such news. It pains me to even mention this..and to write about her. Selma from Selma’s Table was a great gal..she often co-hosted at Fiesta Fridays ,and she never missed out on being kind to all of us, in spite of her personal pain and fight with cancer. We lost a precious friend in the food blogging world early this month when she lost her battle to cancer, leaving us shocked and sad at her untimely demise. Needless to say it pains me to even remember her comments, remember her kindness, her encouragement and her spirit of friendship. I just wish I had got to know her better. And I pray that her family gets the strength to get through these dark days. May God be with them.

“At the end of the day, people wont remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”


That quote by Mary Angelou completely sums up my sentiments. Even though Selma isn’t with us today, she will forever be remembered by each one of us because of the way she made us feel. We will miss you..not for the food you created or your innovation in the kitchen, but for the amazing person that you were..for being there for us with your ever ready smile and kindness, for having been our friend. 

Here’s my 2 cents on the subject, “Don’t ever wait to get to know someone better.even the most banal of conversation with someone can pave way for a deep and long lasting friendship..even opposites can be the best of friends (my best friend and me have been like sisters since we were 5..and we are completely opposite).. and sometimes that one kind look, one honest encouragement can make the world of difference to someone else..It can be the beginning of a life long friendship. Don’t wait .. seize the moment and make friends, wherever you go, coz friends are the family that we choose”.

As a special request to everyone, I would love it if the people who knew her could write something about Selma .. It can be a post dedicated to her or simply a couple of lines about how you know her, and remember her. I am trying to compile all good thoughts about her and send it to her please chip in.

That being said, life goes on..and with that thought in mind, lets get back to partying now shall we??


And since its a party I HATE to play the principal and tell you this..but some of you haven’t been playing fair!! DO read up on the rules guys..I know everyone is super busy, but it will be so much more fun when we are all visiting each other and sending some comment love. That’s what makes it a PARTE`! 

Lets please share our friends takes 15 mins max to comment on 3-4 posts you like, send the hosts some love and pin or yum. I hope everyone will make the effort this time. Thanks 🙂 🙂 

On to this week’s Fabulous five Features!!!!

SS feature

1. Amanda @ The Chunky Chef wowed us with these fresh take on sliders! These bad boys will have you thinking you’re in Hawaii and given the mood I am in right now, that wouldnt be such a bad thing 😉 

2. Brian@Krumpli blew us away with these gorgeous looking Elderflower yogurt pannacotta with strawberry coulis. I love pannacottas..and I love yogurt. Combine the two into a sinful looking individual portioned dessert pretty enough to wow guests??  Total WINNER in my books! Go take a look .. 

3. We simply HAD to feature April from Girl gone gourmet for the 2nd time!!! I mean..look at these sammies..she bought us Lobsters…!! We could not resist. Guilty as charged. 😛 

4. Carrying on with the seafood love, we bowed down to Michelle from Blackberry babe and her scrumptious crab linguine pasta! It had everything we love..+ crab!!! 

5. I know I know!! You need dessert.. us too! So, we bring you these amazing peanut butter stuffed brownies from Winne @ Winnish.  Everyone is happy now 🙂 

If you have been featured in any of the week’s on SS, grab our stylish FEATURED button and show it off on your blog! You know it will look cute on your page 🙂 


If you are new here, Meet us..your hosts for the party and have fun! 

See you again next week,
Lots of love, 
S <3

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7 thoughts

  1. Thank you Swayam very much for featuring my Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for hosting another party

    1. Those were droolacious Winnie!! Pls add me to your g+ account and make sure you follow us on Pinterest and like our FB page too.. We keep giving everyone a shout out all week.. Couldn’t tag you anywhere 🙁

  2. Hi Swayampurna, Thank you for hosting this delightful Link party. I appreciate the invitation to link up and am looking forward to sharing some of these lovely posts! Have a great week end, Diane

    1. Welcome to SS Diane! I hope you will have fun drooling (like I do) at all the gorgeous food here.. Thanks for making the party brighter with your awesome share 🙂

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