Saucy Saturdays #6

Welcome to SaucySaturdays #6 

6 Saturdays have gone by since we started this link party!! It still feels like yesterday that I got talking with Jennifer about starting the party..and before we knew it, we had two other amazing bloggers like Dini and Christine with us. I feel that between the four of us we make one merry team!! 


Every Thursday we put our heads together, scratch in wonder at the amazing links and try to choose the top 5 favorites. Let me tell you this, ever since I started doing this, I have felt a sorta camaraderie and pity for the judges of the various cooking shows!! They have the extremely difficult and non envious job of choosing the top dishes of the day, of sometimes feeling disappointed in their personal favorites, of fighting it out with the other judges to keep their fave in the top and of course of finally choosing the winner!!!

This part of the link is the one I dread the most. How do I choose a few from so many amazing recipes linked up!! I am not good enough to be a judge!!!! But restless is the head that wears the crown..and as a co-host this is one duty that I must do! 


However, this week we found it really tough to choose five. Let me just come out and say it that you guys make it really tough for us to pick our faves. We really had to weigh in a lot of factor to come to the results…and we simply couldn’t stop at five!

Presenting this week’s Top 6 FEATURED Recipes!! Yup..  You read right. 6 !!! 

Lets go take a look shall we?? 

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Don’t forget to visit the featured bloggers and show them some love! PLEASE do take a few minutes and interact with each other..remember, when I had said in the first post that I am doing this for friendship?? So should you. 

I have never run after numbers or traffic. That to me is like doing something opposite to what I believe in. I blog inspite of a very hectic ,full time job and kid so that I get to know the other amazing bloggers out there, try out some interesting recipes from my friends and to build a foodie community! The fact that traffic happens is a result of doing other things right. It is NOT the main criteria. So, if you feel like me,do mix and take some time to get to know your fellow partygoers..Friendship is what will last. 


And before we move on the actual party, do check out my friends who has an amazing week too.. Dini from The Flavor Bender turned 1 this week and celebrated it in style with a super adorable Mocha genoise Cake, Jennifer was bit by the baking bug this week as she enticed us with four delicious bakes, like this White chocolate macadamia cookie and we are so glad that Christine joined us back after having an amazing holiday with a Spicy Turkey Burger that’s making all the other burgers teary, as for me, your Lapetitchef, well I kept things really simple this week with two fabulous dishes..a quick and one pot Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup and  a fabulous starter thats perfect for the weekend parties..A Wine roasted mushroom bruschetta!! Go check out last week’s dishes and here’s a snippet of whats coming up at Lapetitchef this week!!  


Now lets move on to the FEATURES!

  • Kicking the party off with the simple and super gorgeous Peach Iced Tea by Anjana at Happy and Harried! All i can say is “if i had a pitcher of this delightful refreshing concoction in my refrigerator, I would be simply happy, sans the harried” 😉 And just look at those pictures!! Om my!!! It got me longing one instantly. 
  • And then I lay my eyes on these Roasted Tomatoes…and well..i think I got lost in the sheer beauty of such a simple and delicious dish. As Michelle from A dish of daily life says, pop it in tacos, fajitas, quessadilla..just about anything..and I think I am going to give in to my inner fatty and go make those fish tacos just so I can  plop these beauties on it!! AMAZING! PS: While you are there, take a minute and go link up at her awesome party #FiestaFriDIY. 
  • Next we went in and shamelessly drooled all over Brian’s Sticky chicken drumsticks! and we are with you on that Brian..Messy and glorious is the only way to go while eating drumsticks..And these reminded me of the one I make at home all the time. You got us hungry in a jiffy!!
  • And as if this wasn’t enough torture..Naina decided to wreak havoc on our growling bellies with her insane take on Chicken pot pies!! Yes, hers were incredibly delicious..had chicken tikka masala as the filling and were wrapped in a delicate Turkish phyllo. It had me hooked right from the start and I knew I couldn’t rest till I showed it off to you guys. have you seen her yet?? Amazing pictures, delightful writing and fun food..she has them all!! Are you drooling already?? Hang on there’s more to make you feel like diving into the screen and eating it ALL. I am gonna confess.. I am not big on sweets/desserts. A dessert has to be REALLY good for me to get excited about all that sugar and butter and cream. I feel desserts are really unhealthy unless you make an olive oil wholewheat one..but then, try as I might I have to have them once a week. I believe in balance after all 😉 SO the next two desserts I am going to show are extremely good. Hang on.. we will drool together, again!
  • Julie’s Minion Cupcakes!!! OMG!! Omg!! Omg!!! How amazing are these????? I only wish I could eat the.. (I wont wish I could make them, coz I know I cant)! My 3 yr old was hopping excitedly when she say these as she thought i will make these!! Ha!! Fat chance!! Only think I can ask(beg) Julie for is a big huge parcel of these cupcakes. Honestly I cant remember being this excited by a dessert in a long long time! Phenomenal work Julie!! We are lucky to have you here with us at #SaucySaturdays!
  • And as if this wasn’t enough,Chrissy decided to show up late to the party but more than made up for it by bringing these awesome Red Velvet Cookie dough bars. How great do these look!! Oh God.. these girls are gonna make me fat! But then who cares when i could get a bite of this!!

Hope you guys liked the Features as much as we did. Read the rules.. 


Now on to the party my good people..lets start the fun!! 

Until next time, 


S 🙂 


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