Saucy Saturdays #10

Hi guys! Welcome to the 10th week of SaucySaturdays! A link party for all food bloggers and DIY bloggers. Share our best creations with us and have it ALL pinned, shared on all social media.

Yay…  10th week today! Small beginnings but I am sure with the love and support of you guys we will make this into a much more happening party. Its so good to be hosting this again..Man..did I miss ut on the amazing links of last 3 weeks!! And let me tell you this, I was blown by the links at last week’s party.

rose p Collage

Today is a special day for us at India. Not only is it Teacher’s day, a day celebrated in the honor of gurus or teachers but its also the birthday of my favorite God. I belong to a family of educationists. Both my parents are professors, and as long as I can remember this day used to be special for us…and them. I used to perform Odissi or some other dance for the teachers at my school, usually take part in a skit too and the function at school would end with loads of fun, applause and food!! Yup.. we got snacks..and chocolates!! Back home,our house would be overflowing with bouquets of various colors. In fact I can vividly recall the overflowing dining table, the centre table,end tables, side tables all filled with flowers. And where the sweet mesmerizing fragrance of flowers ended,the intoxicating aroma of food started!! Their students would come to our home laden with mithais, chocolates,Biriyani, some would get home cooked prawn curry, some thrill my dad with live blue crabs, there would be atleast 5 cakes by evenings and I cant count the number of pens or leather diaries they received. It was all a mark of the extreme love, respect and affection their students had for my parents…a mark of how much my parents had touched the lives of these kids. It used to be a day worth remembering.

But along with Teachers day, its also an Indian festival today. Janmashtami, a day we celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, he of the Iskcon fame. The one and only child God, that loving mischievous  Bal Gopal, he whose feet are like the lotus flower and eyes like endless oceans..he of the knowledge of the seven vedas and a heart brimming with love, he the supporter of all things good, the foremost lover of everyone’s imagination..the clandestine dancer…the director of hypnotizing flute tunes,its HIS bday!! And how can we not celebrate it?? 

If you haven’t checked my Meetha Pulao/Zarda recipe yet, I suggest you quickly do so!! Its pretty fab and i have been eating it for the last 30 yrs 😉 


I also made some delicious Baked gur rasgulla for my in laws who are visiting us. Its a specialty of my home town and I kind of wanted to woo them 😉 


So anyways thats what’s been happening in my part of the world. How about you??  Tell me whats going on at your place…the special dish you make or some memory that makes me feel happy. I would love to hear from you!

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The Flavor Bender

Now, coming to the FEATURES!! Let me just say the links we got were amazing..and we were split. But finally we got our top five. 
Presenting the features, in no order {I hope you check them out and share with your friends too! :) }


This flavorful light and delicious bowl of laksa(malaysian soup) using mackarel is one of the things I had been craving badly.It hits all the right notes, and with the generous hints from Caroline, you can expect to make this perfectly. Go on..check it out and leave a note for her! 



– A fabulous fun salad that just made my day! Plus..spirals!!! Yay! Who can resist Thai flavours with fun spirals?? 



Let me just confess here. I LOVE every one of Pam’s drinks! Its sheer magic..the kind that leaves me thirsting for it. Especially when she insists on doing this to me on a weekend…what option do we have, BUT to feature her!! 😉 Go check out..and get your Saturday night fix. 

4. GRILLED STEAK TACOS Flank-Steak-Tacos1-680x450

Scott calls it the no brainer grilled steak tacos. I call it the “all heart” tacos! Stuffed with skirt steak, avocados,corn, crumbled cheese and sour cream its screams everything my heart wants. Easy and healthy, makes for a great weeknight dinner too. Don’t forget to show some love!



 Saving the latest for the last.. yes, we finally have a DIY Feature!! YAY! So thrilled about this amazing cabinet DIY from Michelle at Dandelion Patina. Not only is the cabinet a great DIY idea..its also classy and extremely handy!! I hope I can learn somthing from this very talented girl and give a go at some DIY project, someday. Till then.. oh well, i can see her entire website and crave for every single thing! It was great having you here Michele..Thanks!!

Alright go on, show each other some comment or share love. You will be making someone happy and THAT is ALWAYS a good thing. <3





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