Strawberry yogurt smoothie bowl

Strawberry and cream smoothie bowl is are so much better than a smoothie. Why?? Coz you top it up with your favorite fruits and granola, and that lasts you through a much longer part of the morning than just that glass of smoothie. Besides, why eat cereal and milk like a 4 yr old when you can have this!!??

A delicious, filling and healthy start to a day with this strawberry yogurt smoothie bowl topped with your favorite things!
Monday is here but today morning I am going to steal a couple of minutes before I get to work to write you this real quick post. Real short and quick one coz I know its Monday and what that usually does to people. So by now, all of us foodie types(and you must be one coz why else would you be wandering around here?) know that smoothie bowls are a huge thing. Especially in the spring and summer. And who can blame us really?? I mean..  come on!!

With the temperatures rising rapidly, one obviously does away with heavy breakfasts like paneer/alu parathas and poori alu dum for a lighter substitute of say mango french toast or even my Bombay masala french toast. But for us ladies who love to keep it healthy (every once in a while) and aren’t too fond of anything hot in the morning, these packed with nutrient bowls are a life saver. Bonus: Look how pretty they are!! <3

Mango french toast 4

masalafrenchtoast c

So say goodbye to Monday morning blues with this bright bowl of freshness!!


pancakes strawberry coulis13

You can create pretty much any combination of flavor that you like (and over this season I will show you many ways to get your smoothie bowl fix for the day), but we are going to start off with this simple delicious pretty pink thing here. Why??

  • Well coz strawberries are available in plenty right now; seasonal- check!
  • they are REALLY (like major) good for you; health benefits – check!
  • coz I love their taste; delicious – check!
  • coz I had a cup of delicious strawberry coulis sitting in my fridge; easily available ingredients -check!
  • well coz its so pretty in pink ; Beautiful -check!


Reason enough?? Good. Now lets get down to the basics of a smoothie bowl, shall we?? 

  1. choosing the base:  is choosing a fruit.  About a cup of that and a banana. 
  2. choosing a liquid – about half a cup. Choose your favorite , it can be plain thickened yogurt, flavored yogurt, plain milk, almond/soy milk (vegan), juice (orange/carrot/pomegranate, freshly made please!) or even coconut water!
  3. choosing a sweetener or nut butter – 2 tbsp. Choose from peanut butter, almond butter, any fruit sauce/coulis, maple syrup, nutella or chocolate sauce and pure honey. 
  4. choosing the topping – go wild here! top with whatever you like. Fruits, granola, muesli,nuts, seeds, cocoa nibs,dry fruits! Anything you love, but look for different textures. Like crunch from granola, freshness from fruits, a teaspoon of seeds and nuts for an extra dose of health!

Make them pretty in a bowl or throw it all together in jar to eat on your morning commute to work. Either ways, this will keep you feeling full longer than just cereal and milk or that glass of smoothie you grab at the juice bar. And is so much healthier! Once you learn what flavors work for you and how to build your own smoothie bowls, the world of pretty rainbow like breakfasts is open to you. 

Bonus: This will make you feel so good about yourself!

strawberry yogurt smoothie bowl

For this bowl I used homemade almond granola, fresh strawberry and grapes, strawberry coulis and pure organic honey drizzled over creamy, cold thick yogurt, some pistachios and almond flakes. 

Pure bliss …. 

Have a great week everyone! Make this extra day count.. thank God for Leap years 🙂 




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Strawberry yogurt smoothie bowl
Prep time
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A delicious, filling and healthy start to a day with this strawberry yogurt smoothie bowl topped with your favorite things!
Recipe type: breakfast
Cuisine: American
Serves: 2
  • 1 cup thick yogurt (cold)
  • Strawberry coulis - 3 tbsp ( or to taste)
  • Pure organic honey - 1 tbsp
  • Granola (i use homemade almond granola, recipe coming up. But feel free to use your favorite) - as needed , usually ½ cup
  • 4 strawberries - sliced.
  • 8 purple grapes - halved.
  • Pistachios - 1 tbsp chopped.
  1. Start by blending the yogurt and honey. You can add some frozen strawberries too like i did in the other picture).
  2. Pour into a bowl.
  3. Top with granola, fruits and pistachios.
  4. Drizzle some strawberry coulis and honey on top.
  5. Enjoy your bowl of good health!

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