How to start a blog that’s perfect for you

How to start a blog that’s perfect for you is a simple, quick and easy task that require just 15 mins of your time a visit to a couple of websites. I show you how to start your own blog easily and without spending a bomb. 

how to start a blog that's perfect for you

Getting started with blogging isn’t as tough as it seems. The day I started my blog, it was the middle of the afternoon, I had no prior plan of starting a blog. I just signed up on blogspot, thought of a domain name that would essentially say “me” and got started. Although blogspot was good enough to start with, after a yr I moved on to a self hosted WordPress site and that has been the best decision ever. So, even if you are totally new to blogging, its always a good idea to start with a free platform first so to test the waters for a bit before investing in a fully functional website. is an equally good ,some might say an even better platform for all beginners.

Here’s how to start your blog

bh-120x120-03-dySIGN UP ON BLUEHOST – First and foremost thing needed is a domain name (obviously for us) and choosing a hosting plan. Now, when you think of a domain name try to be as creative, as direct or as fancy as want, but ideally it should reflect what your blog is going to be about. When I started, I wanted to use a hosting service that was easy on the pockets and would match my traffic. Since i wasn’t                                          getting more than 13k pageviews then, I signed up on Bluehost.

Once there, you need to register your domain name. Try the names you like to see if its available here. For instance, in my case, was not available. So I finally zeroed in on “” as my domain. Be completely sure before finalizing this. 


Once, your domain is registered, you need someone to host your website for you. While getting started Bluehost works well. The rates of Bluehost are pretty competent and you get a host of services if you pay in lump sum for the first year. Its almost a bargain!  Later though you might want to upgrade it to a better hosting service provider like Media Temple. Choose a plan that fits your needs. I started with the basic plan since it fit my needs at that time and you could upgrade anytime you needed to. 

resources for a food blog

Now that you have a name and a place to host your site, what you need is the space to actually write! So, simple again, 5 mins work. So the second step is to: 


2. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL WORDPRESS: Login into Bluehost (or any other hosting provider) and search for Website builder section in the navigation menu. Once there, click on the WordPress icon or words. Next simple add your registered domain name to it and click the INSTALL button in the Do it yourself page.

Once there, click on the Install button and done!! Later, once the install is complete, simply click on the       VIEW CREDENTIALS written on the top right corner, and make a note of your Admin URL, Login id and password. 


But now you need a theme to make your site pretty. There are so many amazing themes to choose from nowadays that it gets a bit confusing. 

Of course, Foodie Pro with Genesis Framework was very popular last year but this year people are being a little braver and opting for themes that don’t look exactly like someone else’s. Key to remember while choosing the theme is this :

  • It should match your requirements and aesthetic sense
  • It should not be too cluttered.
  • It should be responsive  (basically a design that fits every device perfectly)
  • It should be customizable. 

If you don’t want to pay for a premium theme right away, you can opt for any of the free ones at WordPress.Org/Freethemes. Or you can invest in a really beautiful premium theme like I did. I used a Dicot Magazine theme as it suits my style perfectly, I love the top sliding featured content, the clean lines of the theme and that fact that it is highly customisable. Other places to check out themes are: 

  1. DIY Themes
  2. Elegant Themes
  3. And my personal favorite Restored 361designs.

Once you have installed the theme of your choice, let your inner designer take over and give your home the finishing touches it deserves. 

That’s it. Say hello to your newly launched website! Don’t forget to create some quality content with eye catching photographs and share your posts on social media to reach people. Good luck! 



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