Everything you need this Navratri

Everything you need this Navratri is my humble attempt to curate Navratri special dishes for you, all in one place. Ranging from pan fried starters to sumptuous desserts, from barnyard millet dishes to grandma’s recipes, this round up aims to make it easy for the novice foodie to get started on the Navratra feast. Simple. Easy to make and delicious, this curated menu has something for everyone. 

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery.

No matter what part of the world you come from, October is synonymous of the start of the festive season and all that is good. Be it my Trans -Atlantic friends or closer home, October is really when the fun starts. Not only did fall officially begin but this month also hints at the sweet promise that the next quarter is bound to bring. Promises of glittering nights aglow with a thousand diyas, carved out pumpkins of all sizes grimly smiling at you and houses being decked in their spookiest best avatar, followed by the feast of all feast,Thanksgiving. The season of joy and my favorite time of the year Christmas followed finally New year; time for new beginnings.

But for us Indians celebrations last year long. This month, however marks the beginning of one of my favorite Indian festivals , Durga Puja or Navratri. For my friends who dont know about this festival here’s a little background to the story. Durga is a fiery goddess and the supposed protector. Its said that she fought and vanquished a demon called Mahisashur and that is why we celebrate Durga Puja. Therefore, essentially Durga Puja festival epitomizes the victory of Good over Evil. Its celebrated with 9 days of fasting and worship, finally culminating in the celebration on the 10th day otherwise known as Maha Dashami and Sindoor Khel!

Khichdi or one pot rice and lentil stew1

I was born and brought up in the start of Orissa in India. My childhood is studded with memories of 10 day long pooja vacation, new dresses, around 270 pandals with huge statues of goddess Durga looking absolutely resplendent, glowing and fearful. Covered in the traditional red, with jewelry made of real silver, the Goddess would sit prettily in our mandir. Every year, my mother would fast and we would be treated to a full scale bhoj or feast. Khichdi or one pot rice and lentil stew is always on the menu as are my mom’s famous malpuas or sweet Indian pancakes soaked in saffron rose syrup( i tweaked them and made them a bit fancier, but seriously so so good!), garlic aubergine fritters or begun bhaja is another must make dish.  Friends and families gathered in the evening, all looking pretty and dapper, dressed in their best to go and visit the pandals.  Sadly I am quite claustrophobic by nature and get scared in crowded places. So I used to enjoy seeing the goddess from the confines of the car while my sister had the guts to go forth into the crowd and get the prasad from the pandit himself!! These nine days of festivity are also called as Navratri by my North and West Indian friends and invariably mark the beginning of Dandiya season.

However, as much as fun it is, its also quite rigorous. People who fast are very strict about what food they can consume and often Durga Puja or Navratri is vegetarian with many dietary restrictions. Although we dont follow all this strictly, barring the only vegetarian food for these 10 days, I thought it might be helpful for others who do or want to get started on the Falari or Pooja special diet to compile few interesting and delicious dishes.

moong dal halwa or lentil fudge

Since we are talking pooja, I cant help but share a couple of favorites of mine. This meetha pulao that is mandatory on festive occasions at my house and the moong dal halwa or lentil fudge that Daddylonglegs P’s granny used to make for him. Both are must and they often grace our festive table, much to the joy of our friends and neighbors! This year though I have been trying new things and am in love with this Stuffed tomatoes as a starter option. Go on try them out, I am sure you will enjoy it.

stuffed tomatoes4

This round up is all about everything you need this Navratri. All kinds of deliciousness you need these 9 days.

I asked few of my blogger friends and they came up with absolutely amazing dishes! So if you are looking for some Pooja feast inspiration, this is it. Its not limited to only Durga Puja or Navratri. Bookmark or pin this page and you will be sorted for all your festival feasting options.

Hope you enjoy the dishes. Click on the links below (highlighted in red) to get the recipe for each delicious dish! May Ma bless each of us with the strength to do the right thing, correct our mistakes and be brave! 

Wishing everyone the best of the festive season. Be kind. Spread love!



everything you need this navratri

everything you need this navratri

Navratri Special Recipes:

  1. Banana Sheera or semolina pudding from Spiceinthecity. 
  2. Coconut rava ladoo from Priyakitchenette
  3. Pumpkin Kheer by Everydaycookradha
  4. Shrikhand vadi in 7 mins by Indfused
  5. Tropical fruit laddoos from MildlyIndian
  6. Sabudana vada or tapioca pearl patties from Spiceinthecity
  7. Banryard Millet pudding or Sama ka kheer from Rachnaskitchen
  8. Grannys gujrati broken wheat pudding by Chatori Ladki
  9. Makhane ki kheer or Foxnut kheer from poonambachhav
  10. Tapioca pearl breakfast pudding or Sabudaana khichdi from Rachnaskitchen
  11. Healthy trail mix from Thefoodsaga
  12. Coconut ladoo with rose petal jam from Elegant meraki
  13. Mango Shrikhand from Kritikascuisine
  14. Akkaravadisal from Madraasi 
  15. Raj Bhog from Suskitchenbysumitra
  16. Basundi from Shravskitchen
  17. Mysore pak from Shravskitchen 
  18. Sabudaana kheer by zcookingisfunn
  19. Rava puttu from Anithacooks
  20. Khira gaintha milky rice balls by Myyellowapron
  21. Mung dal sundalpasi by Ladlesandspoons
  22. Super easy baked sutarfeni by Indfused
  23. Farali Pattice or Buff vada by Herbivore cucina

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