Suchi from Elegant Meraki- my blog guest

I am starting a “Guest blogger of the month” series. Every month I will be welcoming a much loved blogger friend here and sharing a few random things about her with you, along with one beautiful dish he/she will bring for you guys. For this month, to help us celebrate Holi with all gusto, I am welcoming Suchi Modi of Elegant Meraki home. As the name suggests, Meraki means ” the soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.” That high level of love and passion is clearly visible in her work and the food she brings forth on the blog with so much love! Creativity, passion and talent go a long way and this girl has that in enormous quantity.  A fellow editor at The Feed Feed, Suchi has all kinds of treat for the inner child in us.

Just a look through her recipe index makes the candy loving kid in me do somersaults. As for actual kids, well my tiny adult D has already chosen Chocolate ganache New York Cheesecake and No knead brioche for me to make! And seeing the pictures, I cant wait to make it.

So today, she will be bringing something very special for us, something to celebrate Holi with us. She brought the perfect festive dessert to the party so that we all could start off this new series and Holi on a sweet note! What could be more perfect than Thandai white chocolate truffles? Go check these out soon and take a look at her recipe index for many more inspirations.

See you soon with another fabulous blogger. 




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