Adult and kids sundae board

Adult and kids sundae board is something you need to do this weekend! Super easy to put together, more delicious than a cheese board (if you are anything like me at least) and so many kinds of sweet treats! This would be perfect for kids parties too. Easily customizable with tons of different options, this adult and kids sundae board is the new wine and cheese board this season.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style” – Maya Angelou.

On D’s last birthday I threw a lavish party. A huge customized cake, themed party, beautiful return gifts, giant balloons, bouncy castle,bike rides, the works. And we had lots of ice cream too. But when I think of it, I feel that something was lacking. You know why? Coz now that I have seen and known the power of this incredibly easy but so amazing adult and kids sundae board,everything else seems a little bland.

adult and kids sundae board

As I often do, I had pinned this idea I first saw on Real Simple’s website on to my Pinterest board and conveniently forgotten about it. Until that day. the day my sister chanced upon it from somewhere and sent me the image. It clicked! I remembered this gorgeous idea that I had pinned couple of months back and I went running to the refrigerator to look for options. Thankfully, my refrigerator was over stocked as usual and there was plenty for the adult and kids sundae board!! 

Now I know what you are thinking. How is this an adult board, it doesn’t have cheese or wine. It can be a eat all you want Nature’s candy fruit & nut board too! Like these ones.

That’s true. It doesn’t. And as much as I love a well though out cheese board, I feel this might be my new go to for parties. I am the girl that rings in her birthday with cheese and wine board. So if I am saying this adult and kids sundae board is the new “thing”, trust me it is! 

What can be better than ringing in a dull evening with an ice-cream Sundae Board or dessert board while reading the inspirational Goodnight stories for rebel girls to D.

adult and kids sundae board

On the board: 
Ice-cream – Bavarian chocolate chip, dulce de leche ice-cream (homemade), strawberry, homemade unicorn ice-cream sandwich and coco cola popsicles! You can choose your favorite flavors!! Cherry cola on a hot summer day, some chocolate is always a good idea, something fruit based and a rum and raisin or rocky road for more flavor!
Sauces : Salted caramel, strawberry, raspberry coulis, blueberry compote, salted dulce de leche.

Fruits: Apples, mangoes, blueberries, cranberries, dates, oranges, pomegranate. You can add your favorites.

Others: Rainbow sprinkles, Oreo, strawberry Jim jams, choco-chip biscuits, carom seed cookies, toasted coconut, pistachio, white chocolate truffle from Lindt. Go crazy here!! This is the most fun part, for kids and for adults alike. Everyone loves toppings and give them as many fun options as you can! 

With this gorgeous adult and kids sundae board I am sure your next party will be the talk of the town! And hey, the fact that it is so easy to do, well that’s just our secret now, isnt it? 



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