Cantaloupe cooler with frangipane and holy basil syrup

Cantaloupe cooler with frangipane and holy basil syrup is the perfect way to get some healthy and cooling substance into you. My post work out juice of choice, this cooler has orange juice in it and is sweetened with honey. The subtle frangipane and holy basil syrup adds a light fragrant touch to this extremely refreshing drink.


As far as I am concerned, its always hot in India. Even when its not hot, its humid, at least where I live. Fresh fruit juice and shakes form a breakfast staple at our house, especially in the current weather. As much as I love plain old orange juice happily squeezed in my cold press juicer, there is something about taking the good old OJ a notch up. Enter – Cantaloupe cooler with frangipane and holy basil syrup!

I dont really need to tell anyone about the benefits of juice do i?? Well as we all know they are healthy, perfect thirst quenchers, refreshing, loaded with vitamins and just what one needs after a good gym session or even a simple run! Its lately been my favorite post workout drink. I upped the ante on the simple OJ by going the cantaloupe route, a favorite fruit of mine! If you saw my pop up menu you know I love cantaloupe. In fact remind me to share the recipe for the cantaloupe gazpacho someday. But until then this simple cantaloupe cooler with frangipane and holy basil syrup will have to do.


I mean I know watermelon is awesome but hey so are cantaloupes!! In fact I am glutton for fruits. Most fruits. I draw the line at chiku and custard apples. Ugh. Not happening. But watermelons and cantaloupes…ooh! Anytime!

Cantaloupes are loaded in anti-oxidants, high in fibre, extremely cooling, good for people with high blood pressure and absolutely delicious to boot! Need more reason?? I didn’t think so. Now go on, get your juicers out and lets do this!

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Also, while I absolutely love the frangipani and holy basil syrup, please remember to not add it if you are allergic to frangipani or plumeria. It is an edible flower for sure. In fact I have added this syrup to mango cheesecakes and we have loved it too! But if you are not into floral fragrance in your food, simple avoid the syrup. Use normal sweetner of choice in stead.

That being said, the cantaloupe cooler with frangipane and holy basil syrup is much above your basic juice just because of this syrup. Go ahead get those flowers into a pot and try this 5 minute syrup.

musk drink



Cantaloupe cooler with frangipane and holy basil syrup

A simple juice taken up a notch by the addition of a seriously delicious syrup! Cooling, refreshing, healthy and absolutely delightful!

Course Drinks
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1 pitcher


  • 1 large cantaloupe , skin removed and chopped
  • 2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice , no water added
  • 2 tbsp honey or sweetener of choice
  • 1/2 cup water , or more as per your preference

For the frangipani and holy basil syrup

  • 8 plumeria or frangipani flowers , fresh, washed well.
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 tbsp honey , i used organic wild flower honey
  • 5-6 holy basil (tulsi) leaves


  1. Start by making the frangipani syrup. 

    Heat water and honey in a sauce pan for 2-3 mins till the honey melts and becomes a syrup. Now add the frangipani and holy basil leaves into the saucepan and let it come to a boil. 

    Let it simmer for 3 mins. Switch off the flame and let it steep for 10 mins. 

    Drain, cool, chill and store in a clean jar. 

For the juice:

  1. Cut the cantaloupe in half, discard the skin and seeds. i simply use a spoon to scoop the seeds out. 

    Simply cut it into chunks and put it in a blender jar. Add half cup of water, 2 tbsp honey, frangipani syrup 2 tbsp and lotsa ice. 

    Blend together till mixed well. 

    Now add the orange juice to the juice and mix well. 

    Serve over ice cubes and drink immediately! 

    Garnish with fresh frangipani flowers and holy basil stems as a cute stirrer. 


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