Diwali gifting guide

Diwali gifting guide is a compilation of my favorite things to buy for your home or as a gift for your loved ones. If I could I would gift each of my friends and family something or the other from this list and more!! I have included some festive decor inspiration, much in demand crockery that’s great for this season and some of my favorite handloom brands too!! Be sure to check them out and have a great time shopping after all Diwali comes just once a year. Time to loosen the purse strings my lovelies 😛

Hi everyone,

Lets take a moment here to celebrate the fact that it is “that time of the year”. Yep!!! Durga Pujo followed by Karwachauth and finally Diwali!! Yes yes yes! Every Indians favorite time of the year is here and thankfully the weather has started cooling off. The quintessential nip in the air is evident now and we have already started with Diwali cleaning and home decor plans. Every year before Diwali, almost all Indians, irrespective of their religion, caste or region do a few things. 1- start cleaning their home thoroughly, 2 – make small (or big if you are lucky!) renovations to their homes, 3- plan a Diwali party menu, 4- shop!!!!!!

Yep, shopping is definitely on the list and today I am going to help you lighten your wallets a wee bit 😛

The products and brands listed here have been used by me and I personally endorse them. However, please keep in mind that every person has a unique taste of their own, their personal choices when it comes to aesthetics. So, what I love you may not find appealing. BUT thankfully all these very well acclaimed brands have a huge line of gorgeous products for you to choose from and I am sure you cant leave this space empty handed, so to speak. So got your credit cards?? Great! Lets start the Great Indian Diwali Shopping, shall me? Forget Amazon and Flipkart, these unique, one of a kind gems are what you want to bring home or gift. Promise.


  1. THE INDIAN WEAVE –  If you are looking for vintage, one of a kind rare find look no further. The Indian weave is just the place to be.

Their Story: As the founders Puneet and Jean Roy put it “Born out of the love of travel, an eye for art and a need to explore, The Indian Weave is a label founded in collaboration with India’s finest artisans. With a passion for textures and great craftsmanship, our vision is to bring lesser known Indian crafts to the forefront by curating a collection of well crafted, beautifully designed lifestyle and home accessories that stand out and capture the heart, color and life of our country.Each item in our shop is thoughtfully hand picked, ethically and responsibly sourced from the artisans themselves and made with love in India.
With free shipping within India, “The Indian Weave” now ships globally from Gurgaon, Haryana, India & showcases an exquisite selection of hand made items from all over India – from colorful hand woven woolen stoles with mirror work from Kutch, Gujarat to Khadi cotton stoles and scarves to Jaipuri hand block printed quilts, bed linen and cushion covers to name a few. One of our main collections is that of vintage hand crafted brass items, which are very popular where each piece is handpicked. 

India has so much to offer besides warmth and hospitality and we look forward to our travels, hand picking exotic items from all over India for you to hold, enjoy and share with your friends and loved ones.”

Do visit their shop at www.theindianweave.com to see their exquisite collection and learn more about what they do.
www.theindianweave.com | www.facebook.com/theindianweave

Products I love –

2. IKKA DUKKA – Clearly one of my favorite brands when it comes to serveware. You can see their products in my feed very often. I absolutely love their Lost World collection , which I think makes for a great addition to a simple and elegant table setting.

Their Story: “Ikka Dukka, an eclectic boutique store, was conceived to provide interesting products and designs to customers that they themselves would love to wear and see in their home. They work with artisans and talented designers to bring beautifully crafted pieces from around India and the world, every month adding new items from Lighting, furniture, Art, home decor, jewellery to kitchen ceramics, books, hand stitched toys  and much more to their website (www.ikkadukka.com) The specially curated gifting section has something for everyone. A sense of nostalgia for the simpler days inspired the The Lost World Collection. These handmade pieces are inspired by long forgotten white stoneware designs, the kind that line dusty old shelves in antique stores and pile up in flea markets. Rustic and elegant, these New Romantic pieces are not only perfect for those special occasions but also practical for every day use. These are entirely handcrafted in India.

Products I LOVE- 
You can use the Discount Code – LPC2017 to avail a special discount given only to my readers!! Hurry!!

3. HOME ARTISAN – The absolute must have decor and dining pieces if you like clean, understated chic.

Their Story: “Home Artisan offers a unique selection of modern and elegant home décor products that are born at an intersection of ideas: where form meets function, trendy meets timeless, and style meets simplicity. We design and craft home decor products that reflect global trends for a discerning audience that is tired of having to choose between overpriced home décor brands or poorly-curated collections at local stores.We invest unusual amounts of time and energy in curating and designing our products. From understanding global decor trends to exploring colours and materials, our creative yet methodical process ultimately presents our customers with only the best to choose from. Just as an artisan is guided by a singular passion – a relentless pursuit of mastery of his or her craft, so are we. Our mission is simple: to make everyone’s lives beautiful, one home at a time, and our design philosophy is guided by William Morris’ quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” The founder Samkit Jain has put together a beautiful, skilfully curated selection of things for the home that will make you squeal with pleasure!! 

Products I love:

Candles and Candle Holders

Marbela Mango Wood Platter with Floral Pattern

4. MODERN QUESTS – This boutique brand is all about expressing yourself through one of a kind products at your home!!

Their Story: “The founder Sheena Garg – Creative came up with the idea! A photographer and mixed media artist who studied in California, where she was amazed with the vast selection of inspiring designs and creative products. After moving back to India, Sheena actively pursued corporate gifting for some time before finally chasing her dream to start ModernQuests.com!

The idea of Modern Quests originated with the intent to provide consumers with carefully curated lifestyle products from innovative brands based in different parts of the world. We work with some very driven and creative companies to source contemporary designs and gift items. Be it a clock for the wall, a vase for the living room or an accessory for you to carry along – we want you to be able to express your personal style through these products.We are based in New Delhi and our goal is to eliminate the need for Indian consumers to purchase items from international websites and deal with high import duties, documentation and long delivery times. We take the initiative to import the products ourselves from all around the world and stock them locally to provide ease of availability and a great customer experience.

Products I love:

Finger Loop Candelabra

Keys Porcelain Tray – Alice & Scott

Porcelain candle holder birds 

5. THE LABEL LIFE -Needless to say a brand we all know and love!! Their stunning products are beautifully crafted and curated by the best names in Bollywood. Every product is elegant and adds oodles of charm to your home.

 Products I love:

  • https://www.thelabellife.com/festive-collection-2017
  • https://www.thelabellife.com/house-and-home-l1/dining-kitchen/category.html

6. STUDIO COPPRE – My one stop shop for all things pure copper. Yep, if the rosy glow of copper forever calls out to you, look no further. Their amazing products are must haves in the festive season.

Their Story: “We are inspired by creating beautiful things. Objects that are crafted by hand embody a unique identity. And convey a special sense of purpose. We look at objects from yesteryears and marvel at the craftsmanship. It never ceases to amaze us how every utilitarian object had an element of ornamentation. And vice versa. We are moved by good design. It elevates. Makes distinctive, the ordinary. So many handcrafting traditions have ceased to be. There were game changers. So that’s the plan. To reinvigorate. And make old artisan traditions come alive. That’s what we love to do. To make beautiful things, that matter. Things that are owned, treasured, loved and then passed on. Things that make you feel good and do good. Because it gives us joy. And purpose.

Products I love:
  • https://www.coppre.in/collections/lights/products/sunflower-tea-light
  • https://www.coppre.in/collections/serveware/products/prayer-leaf
  • https://www.coppre.in/collections/utility/products/floral-copper-bookmarks-set-of-2
6. IDAM STORE – If it is hand crafted linen you love, this is the place for you! Look no further please. My favorite girls,created this baby with a whole lot of hand stitched love and oh how it shows!!
Their Story – “IDAM was born out of numerous car ride discussions to and from college between a duo of dreamers, Nayanika & Gazal. In the past year, it has evolved from an idea to a full fledged print and surface design studio that translates its in-the-present aesthetics onto contemporary home and lifestyle products.  Having studied design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, both Nayanika and Gazal contributed their Textile and Graphic Design expertise and artistry to the products in IDAM. It is both our experiences, culture and surroundings that inspire the products and the designs we make. It’s an attempt to give the world a glimpse into our daily escapades and communicate through our designs.
To us, it’s putting a good concept into practice.  The designs range from hand illustrated prints and patterns to florals as well as the hand crafted tie & dye techniques. We wish to place ourselves in the nook and corner of every home across the globe and pattern-bomb the world.”
Products I love:
  • https://www.idamstore.com/collections/cushion-covers
  • https://www.idamstore.com/collections/bed-covers/products/faiza-bed-cover
7. OLIE LIVING – Amrita’s family run studio dreams of bringing its luxurious, hand crafted decor accessorize to homes across the world. Every accessory at Olie is made entirely by hand, from inspiration and sketch, to the luxurious handwoven banana fibre we use in our product, to the actual construction. Their products are beyond amazing!!
Their Story –  “As a trained illustrator and designer, Amrita started to dream of making her art more interactive and a more integral part of people’s lives. Alongwith illustration, she found herself spending hours browsing through decor blogs and falling in love with interior design. So, one day she told a dear friend that she wanted to make a lamp, a piece of art that when switched on would change the mood of a space and had the power to change a conversation. And that’s how it all began –  Olie was born. Whimsical illustrations of falling leaves, a deep blue sea, wise koi fish with the universe reflected in their eyes were hand-printed onto reams of fabric. Olie is a reflection of a simpler life, and free spiritedness. Amrita collaborated with craftspeople in her region, so every step of the making process involves many hands, many souls and a lot of love. From that humble beginning, this little company has grown. We still remain a small, close knit team but we have reached hundreds of homes since then and are hoping to reach hundreds more. Numerous magazines, blogs and newspapers have told our story and we sell through our website and a few stores across the country. We have been fortunate to work on some big lighting projects and we customize lighting for hotels, spa’s, schools and homes ! We also host little sales at our home + studio from time to time where we enjoy meeting our family of clientele and spreading the Olie spirit.”
Products I love:
  • https://olieliving.com/collections/lighting
  • https://olieliving.com/collections/gifting
8. BAARIQUE– Now this one is super special!! I think I fell in love with their line the sec I saw them. Its no secret I love hand painted things, but the work that they do on simple plates, bowls and tumblers is totally mesmerising. They are made of pure kansa and such an incredibly thoughtful thing to gift someone.

 Their Story: ”

Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu
We started working on Baarique at the age of 23 and our friendship over the past 9 years has strengthened by our mutual love for the beauty in the little things in life and
by our love for food.
The inception of ‘Baarique’ (meaning: intricate) happened over a cup of butter tea and a big bowl of thukpa out of traditional metal utensils when Co-Founders, Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu were on a road trip in Leh.
The brand aspires to encourage the work of local artists through functional art by collaborating with metal-smiths and painters from Rajasthan to produce sustainable traditional Indian metal utensils. The designs are influenced by art, ranging from the gorgeous house boats of Kerela that are intricately hand crafted and covered in flowers, to the gorgeous cherry blossom trees that highlight the streets of Japan.
Baarique brings an amalgamation of unexplored tradition, raw beauty and luxury. The brand stands for sustainability, functional art and well-being. They define Incredible India as tradition, culture, festivals, ayurveda, hospitality, food, and a whole lot of colour. And their attempt to revive ancient Ayurvedic wisdom through contemporary design thus making Baarique, a little bit of India, in all its glory”.
Our customised hand-painted plates that were made in collaboration with the Bombay canteen are now available at their restaurant at the “canteen shop
9. AA LIVING  In a nutshell, once you visit this studio, you will fall in love with everything there. True to their ethos and the belief of their owner and head designer, Rohina, they surrounded themselves with products they love. It will  inspire creativity, ethical trade, as well as aesthetic beauty. For them it is more than a way of sourcing and selling products; it’s a way of life they  highly recommend.
Their Story – “At Ajay Anand Living, you’ll explore an exceptionally well-merchandised world of high quality bed and bath textiles, rugs and accessories. These are products of lasting value, classic design and instilled with a brand that speaks to the superb taste of a modern individualist. AA Living’s flagship store at Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai was founded nearly 18 years ago in 1998. What has remained constant over those years is an uncompromising passion for quality, brilliant design, immaculate craftsmanship and lasting value. The Summer of 2010 marked the launch of our brand extension BIBZY, our charming new children’s collection. Their export clientele include celebrated international luxury brands Vera Wang, DKNY, Restoration Hardware, Trussardi, Country Home, West Elm, Martha Stewart, Laura Ashley, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Elizabeth Arden, Muji, Lands’ End, William Sonoma and Dillards. In the children’s sector we export to leading brands such as Cocalo, Somersault, Pottery Barn Kids and Mothercare to name a few.

Our brand was listed as part of “Top 10 stores in Asia” by WGSN in 2009, and won the “Best Linen” award at the GoodHomes 2014 awards. We also won the popular choice “Best kids décor store” award by Kidsstoppress.com in 2015 and 2016 for our brand Bibzy.

Products I love –

  • Comforter and Pillow,
  • Luxury bath towels and monogrammed kitchen towels.

10. THE ECLECTIC ROOM Just as the name suggests, Vineetha Naval’s Eclectic room is super charming and well..eclectic! I mean come on, lets face boho chic isnt just a phase, its  here to stay! And Vineetha adds some beautifully desi vibes in a modern decor with her 100% hand crafted weaves.

Their Story: Mixing natural fibres, handcrafted weaves with a contemporary design is what this collection is all about. From hand embroidered geometric patterns, to stoneware in bright glazes , beautifully hand woven dhurries or rugs made by Rajasthani artisans  to kantha embroidered cushion covers, these pieces are exquisite and painstakingly hand crafted, each taking around 15 days!! You can find her easily on Instagram and send her a request for an order.

Products I love:

  • Indigo Ikat dhurrie
  • Geometric embroidered cushion covers.

And now for the festive dressing!!

11. QUEEN OF HEARTS – Oh how my heart skipped when I saw their amazing saress! Their founder and main designer Deepa Mehta is the sweetest and our mutual love (LOVEEEE) for saree struck a chord.

Their Story – Queen of Hearts is a Bombay based Contemporary Indian textile label started by Deepa Mehta. It all started when Deepa’s daughter Ashwami wanted sarees that she could wear. And ever since that day, Ashwami is the muse behind the label. Deepa creates sarees to surprise her daughter. Sarees that have never been seen or made before. Sarees that combine her love for handloom and the ambition to treat every inch of cloth like a canvas of possibilities. QoH is all about the love for good fabrics, sensational motifs, extravagant colours and exquisite quality. Period. You can find them on Instagram and facebook too. 

Products I love –

Black Red Deck of Cards Hand Block Printed Silk Cotton Chanderi Saree

Black Teal Blue Handloom Cotton Owl Saree

12. SUTA BOMBAY – I came to know them through a mutual friend and once I went onto their feed, there was no looking back!! This duo of sisters will make you want to drape a saree right now!! Their collection is super easy on the pocket, yet of high quality. Suta celebrates raw threads, traditional boldness and uninterrupted simplicity!

Their Story – “Suta is the most humble product we meet and live with every day. It means thread. Su- Sujata and Ta- Taniya were elated when they discovered the magic of the syllables in their names. It feels that it’s meant to be. Silly childhood game of selling bags made out of handkerchief suddenly started looking like a signal. Su and Ta always had a special liking for the countless and varied forms of art and culture across India. Even after spending many years in the corporate world, theirpassion never abated. Thus in 2015, fighting many odds, Suta was born. The brand SUTA is a fresh design house that centers on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity. Suta’s crafted inspirations pay attention to details and the designs add elegance, boldness and grace. SUTA or thread, the basis of the brand’s inspiration is a reminder of the craft traditions of India. Like a pure creation that begins with a needle and thread, SUTA offers novelty each time it is experienced.

Know Su and Ta: Your very own Su and Ta are designers by choice and sheer passion. Su did her engineering from CET Bhubaneswar and MBA from IIFT Delhi. She then worked for 6 years across the Essar group and Jindal group. Ta did her engineering from NIT Rourkela and MBA from IIM Lukhnow. She worked for 3 years across the TATA group and IBM.

 Products I love:
  • https://www.suta.in/Linen/Checkered-Tiffany-blue-with-a-tinge-of-green-id-3299175.html
  • https://www.suta.in/Made-in-heaven-mul-cotton-catid-944940-page-1.html
13. SAMPRADAA – Again referred to this studio by a friend, I fell in love with the simple yet elegant chanderi and silks she housed.
One look at the beautiful collection of sarees and you will be spoilt for choice. You can find them here:
  • https://www.instagram.com/sampradaa/
  • https://www.facebook.com/Sampradaacollections/
14. UTKAL AMRITA Yes, I am saving the best for the last!! My homegirl, Amrita’s store is simply filled with exquisite, forever classy weaves of my hometown Orissa. Utkalamrita is a brand focusing on the best weaves, arts and crafts of Odisha. Starting from ikat, Sampalpuri cotton, silk, Dongria and many more such special and unique weaves, their line will keep you wanting for more. THese weaves from Orissa are the epitome of class and boho chic, a must in your sartorial space!!
You can find them here:
  • https://www.facebook.com/Utkalamrita/
  • https://www.instagram.com/utkalamrita/
So this ends this Diwali gifting guide. Hope you will take some time out and check out these specially curated lines.
Now go on, get that cup of coffee, settle into your favorite couch and get shopping.
Wishing everyone here a wonderful festive season.

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