Panjiri for the festive season

Panjiri for the festive season is that quick and easy dessert you can make once and store in a jar for upto 4 weeks! This delicious dessert is made of whole wheat flour,dry fruits, coconut and ghee. Perfect for Navratri and Diwali, this panjiri will see you well in the winters too. A must for kids and elders!

Panjiri for the festive seasonI was a little surprised by the number of DMs I got  regarding this! This simple prasad staple of Panjiri reminded people of their childhood, the homes they had left behind and to some even the religious ceremonies they no longer took part in. Thankfully everyone had fond memories of this prasad. It certainly helps that it’s so delicious! And it’s such a simple thing to make really. Just some wholewheat flour or atta sautéed till it gives off its trademark nutty aroma and becomes a nice rose pink. Add a little ghee, loads of chopped dry fruits and sauté further. Finally I add sugar and toasted coconut to it. Stored in an airtight container, this lasts well for almost two months at room temperature. A glass of milk and 2 tbsp of this panjiri is a good way for the kids and elderly to start their day.

Panjiri for the festive season

Panjiri is one of the many dishes India has in common with Pakistan. Well before our great leaders (rolling my eyes big time here) decided to tear us up into two conflicting nations, we lived in peace. We shared our homeland, the skies above and the ground beneath our feet. We shared holidays and festivals. We shared our love for food and customs. We shared our lives. Somewhere the boundaries had blurred and people just belonged to one country. When the line was drawn, it not only divided the nation into two but families and old friends too. The cut was too deep, so deep in fact that even today we havent been able to heal the scars, either from our memories or our lives. But the fact remains that once upon a time we were one big family, a happy, boisterous family thriving because of its chaos, not inspite of it.

This panjiri is one such dish that is still a common thread between India and Pakistan, a sweet nothing that still ties these erstwhile brothers together. A simple dessert that was a must in festive season, this panjiri is just the thing to make this festive season. Whole wheat flour roasted with ghee, burra (powdered sugar), dessicated coconut, dry fruits and spices, this helped keep you warm. Its also a great for new moms who are breast feeding the babies as it helps increase the milk supply. Panjiri is really easy to make, takes a mere 20 mins and is loaded by good for you dry fruits and a bit of clarified butter aka the golden liquid, ghee.

Although the whole wheat version isn’t fine for those keeping the Navratra fast, they can easily swap whole wheat flour for almond meal and proceed with the recipe. Read recipe notes. So lets go and make this now.



Panjiri for the festive season


a delicious dessert made of whole wheat flour, ghee, dry fruits and coconut that's perfect for the festive season.

Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 22 minutes


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour or 200 gms almond meal or tiny flakes)
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/2 cup dessicated coconut
  • 3 tbsp ghee
  • 1 cup assorted dry fruit powdered almond,cashew,pistachio, walnut, melon seeds
  • 1/4 cup assorted dry fruits alomnd, cashew, raisin, pistachios
  • 1 tbsp edible gum or gond
  • 80 gms makhane or lotus seeds


  1. Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a thick bottomed pan. Saute the dry fruits (except raisins) and keep aside. Once its a little cooler, grind it to a powder. 

    Now heat a little ghee and fry the foxnut or makhaane for 3-4 mins on low heat till crisp. Remove and set aside. 

    Roast the dessicated or grated on low heat till it changes color to rose pink and smells wonderful and nutty. Set aside. 

    Fry the edible gum till they swell up 4-5 times their size and crisp up. Remove and set aside. 

For those who want to use whole wheat flour:

  1. In a thick bottomed kadhai, add ghee. Add the flour and saute on low heat for 10 mins till rosy in color. You will know when its done by its nutty aroma. Make sure to not leave it unattended as the flour might burn. Keep the flame on medium low while stirring this. 

    To this, add the the dry fruit powder, coconut, edilble gum and makhaane. Mix and fry on low heat for another 10  mins. 

    Finally remove from heat, add the powdered sugar, mix thoroughly. Garnish with more fried whole dry fruits if desired. 

For those using almond meal:

  1. Make some simple syrup by boiling 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water. It should form a single thread consistency. 

    Once that happens, add all the above ingredients (powdered fried almond, dry fruits, edible gum, foxnut, coconut). Mix everything thoroughly. 

    Now spread a little (1-2 tbsp) ghee on a large plate. Spread the mixture on the plate till about 2" inch. Garnish with dry fruit slivers or edible flowers if desired. Let it set for 3 hrs, cut and serve! 

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