How to grow healthy monstera

How to grow healthy monstera plant. Something that people have been asking me a lot ever since I started sharing my plant pics on Instagram. Lets do 101 on this gorgeous plant that has remained a staunch favorite of the plant or rather the house plant loving community for the longest time. Honestly I haven’t been a monstera mom for too long but mine are growing really well and I am here to take you guys through the basic care for this gorgeous plant.

How to grow a healthy monstera

How to grow healthy monstera

Monstera deliciosa, the Hurricane or Swiss Cheese Plant are all names for this favorite houseplant. It comes in another popular form too known as monstera adansonii, more commonly known as the Swiss cheese vine. Now we are going to talk about Monstera deliciosa here, coz the adansonii; while pretty is not the same level of beauty as the stunning deliciosa.Frankly its a new fangled thing in India. Not house plants or gardening of course. We after all are a nation that prides itself on its agricultural history. Gardening is a much loved hobby of most people. But today there are a few cultivators of monstera and people are obsessed with getting this beauty home. Obsessed with how to grow healthy monstera!

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Sadly, what happens is after bringing home a cutting (which is what is often sold in nurseries), most people don’t have a proper idea on how to care for it. Result? This beautiful stunner dies due to neglect or too much love! So here I am, taking sometime out from the food and recipes to share a few tips that will make your plants healthy and grow like the gorgeous monster it really is. Lets do this then -How to grow healthy monstera in your home.

You may hear me talk about “Mr. Swiss” & “Mrs. Swiss” or my “monster babies” in my insta-stories. I am referring to our two Monstera Deliciosa beauties.  I love these plants because they are a great statement piece for our living room & bedroom, are easy to care for, and they have beautiful and striking slits & splits in their dark green leaves. And seriously read through the pointers below and you will be all sorted on how to grow healthy monstera plant in your home.

How to grow a healthy monstera

I purchased both of mine online from Ugaoo, but you could probably find one at a local nursery if you really look for it. The Monstera deliciosa is native to the rainforests of Central America & Mexico, but will do just fine in your home given the proper care & (minimal) attention. Thankfully they have evolved over time to prosper just as well in the jungle.


Monstera is best grown in partial shade outdoors in most warm temperate and tropical climates. Indoors, Monstera deliciosa is easily adaptable and will grow in most climates except those with very cold indoor conditions. Monstera will grow in most garden soils, but prefers a moist, humus-rich but well-drained soil.

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  • I have had great success with our monstera but the most common problem I hear from friends is yellowing leaves. Yellowing leaves are a symptom of overwatering. Make sure you do not “kill it with kindness”  by giving your Swiss too much water. I just sink my fingers into the soil about two inches to decide if it needs water or not. If you are new to this and would prefer a more scientifically reliable approach, you can use a water meter too.
  • Yellowing leaves could also mean too much direct sunlight. Apart from the leaves turning yellow, too much direct sun will certainly scorch the leaves!
  • Also remember too little sunlight will not allow the leaves to develop their trademark slits & splits. The fenestration that we all wait for with bated breath just wont happen and it will get really frustrating! So place it in a spot that gets adequate filtered sunlight.
  • Monstera plants like well-draining soil that is composed of organic matter; perlite, pumice or coarse horticultural sand. Plus I ensure the regular potting soil has been mixed with organic manure.
  • I use a basic water soluble liquid fertilizer on these babies once a month, especially in summer which is its growing season.
  • These plants prefer bright, yet indirect light. Too much sun will scorch the leaves! Too little and you wont see the fenestration happen. I have placed both of my monsteras in the porch. My porch is shaded and the area where the plants are placed get beautiful indirect sunlight and air. They have been thriving there so I am in no rush to move them indoors yet.
  • Choose a pot that has plenty of drainage holes and is large enough to accommodate the relatively quick growth of this plant. You may need to re-pot it every few years or so give it more room & ensure that the soil is not depleted of nutrients.
  • I use a simple moss pole to support its delicate leaves. Once it grows on a large totem or moss pole, you can see the stem thicken and aerial roots start to grow too. Just keep them well watered during summer, allow the soil to dry out between each watering.
  • It loves humidity owing to its place of origin. So I usually mist it once a day in colder weather and twice a day in spring and summer.
  • They are fairly easy to propagate from cuttings. I prefer water propagation method for the monstera. It takes more than a month or so for the roots to show, but its hard to kill a cutting using the water propagation method. I have two more plants already cultivated using this month. Once the roots form, simply pot them into a large enough planter of the required size using the recommended potting soil.
  • You must remember to keep its leaves clean as the broad leaves pick up dust from the surroundings. I use a simple damp sponge to wipe its leaves off once every 3 days. Be very gentle here coz the leaves arent very hardy truth be told! The result is clean,shiny and green leaves. If you want a really instagram worthy look, you can even apply some leaf shiner thats available these days. I dont.
  • Pests like mites, mealy bugs etc can be controlled using an insecticide. I also apply neem oil to the stem and leaves in the rainy season.
  • How to grow a healthy monstera

That’s it folks! Its a really simple yet stunning plant to grow.  Give it a happy bright spot that doesn’t scorch its gorgeous leaves, remember to mist and water with care and tada…  you will have beautiful happy monsteras soon!



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