About Lapetitchef

about lapetitchef


My Food philosophy  is “Cooking is like Love. Enter into it with abandon,or not at all”.- Julia Child 

This blog is about: 

  • I believe that food is memories. In fact almost all my posts revolve around dinner stories ..You will hear me mention my grand ma and my ma(mother) all too often.
  • My blog is for anyone who’s looking for delicious yet easy recipes that won’t take forever to make or cost a fortune! Perfect for working professionals and SAHM always pressed for time!
  • Apart from recreating old time classics when I give into nostalgic cooking, I also get bouts of healthy eating cravings! That is when you see me do healthy grills, variations of tikkas & salads.
  • I love trying out food that excites me and is out of my comfort zone. 
  • I absolutely adore Italian ,but you will find many interesting and easy recipes from world cuisine in the blog. 
  • My food is always loaded with flavors, I like my spice..and I love my chocolate.and I don’t feel guilty about the occasional indulgence either.
  • My food is also fast, easy and perfectly suited to the modern Indian who want to push their gastronomic boundaries beyond the safety net of dal and paneer. 
  • I will share with you food that is tried and tested many times by me and my pack of experimental guinea pigs (Read family and friends)…and I share food that I truly love. 

What you will never find: 

  • Me following trends!! Nope…Not going to happen. I don’t do kale. or swiss chard. or quinoa. Or Ragi. Or 20 types of Fasting food . 
  • I don’t do a calorie count. I am as I am..and proudly so. This is not a diet blog. I cook healthy grilled food, loads of flavor packed salads with amazing dressings, many side dishes and loads of baked appetizers coz that is how we eat at my home.  Although you will find me indulging in “air fried” dishes now and then. 
  • You will never find me compromising on the taste of the food in anyway..and my food may look and photograph well, but I can assure you it tastes even better. 
  • I love desserts..we are a family of ants and you will find me doing rich, luxurious ,sinfully tempting desserts. Not Oats and porridge.And no apology. or guilt.
Cast of Characters in the blog:  

Quite often in the posts you will come across these few names.. They are my inspiration in every way.

  • Mom: My mom or ma as I call her. I owe everything that I know about cooking to her. My fondest food memories revolve around her home cooked food and our chat time in the kitchen while she prepared dinner and I played the role of the sous chef. Love you Ma..I still and will always seek validation from you and dad. 
  • Grandma : My Nani (maternal nona)..I miss her alot. I miss the stories, her joy and pride in me, her affection and yes,her cooking. 
  • DaddyLongLegs P:  is my partner in crime, the guy I am dancing life’s tango with ..my laughter buddy.. my foodie, strong, hunk of a man. Heaven knows I can’t do a day without this guy …and he in turn makes sure there is a smile on my face always. 
  • Baby D : My little monkey.oops.. munchkin 😛 My baby girl .All of 3, she is precocious and intelligent beyond her years, a live wire..has unending energy and a razor sharp memory. I like to think she has taken after me.. 😛 She is my absolute love. My sunshine. My babycakes. My twirling partner..My little helper and oh so much more! 
  • I would love to know you too..and hope you will get to like me, now that you know me a little better. Do drop in and say hi! 

Now that you are here, don’t rush. Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while…Life is so endlessly delicious!

You can also join me at : 

Facebook: LapetitchefInstagram: @LapetitchefPinterest: LapetitchefTwitter@Lapetitchef


7 thoughts

  1. While I love the fact that you used French for your website, a correct way of saying this would have been: la petite chef.

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  3. I love your site. It is so beautiful and authentic. I too am a chef, and i love seeing what makes other chefs inspired:)

    Thank you for sharing

  4. Hi
    Loved every bit of the site.
    Yeah a lot can happen over food and all you need is little love and full soul when you enter the kitchen !
    Do follow me on Instagram. Just a baby step
    Have come out of corporate life to give wings to my passion. You inspire 💕

  5. Hi Swayam,
    I am Ankita and i have recently discovered my love for cooking my own meals with whatever resources I have at home. I am a working professional n always want to keep trying new things without too much time and ingredients. I am also learning to balance my professional work which also I completely love with my passion for cooking good colorful❤💛💚💙💜 food. I really admire the way you cook, make time for your kids ur family and yourself. You inspire me ☺☺. I too completely go by my mum and dadi’s recipes.
    Keep sharing your journey:)

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