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“I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”
Edgar Allan Po

Through this page I will be sharing the posts of a few chosen food bloggers who have touched my heart with their creativity, passion, friendship and words. Every blogger, just like any person has a certain trait, a signature style, a way of writing, a certain way of cooking. Some do it in a matter of fact , no nonsense manner. Some love light airy pictures. Then there are others who are slaves to the bewitching moody photography, who love playing with words as much as they enjoy playing with the food they present. Some masters of baking. Others mistress of spices. Some make drinks potent enough to wake up even the laziest sloth and be happy. One thing they have in common? My admiration, love and respect for them and their work. This page here will bring you one such amazing blogger to follow every month. Hope you spend sometime getting inspired by my friends too. 



Suchi Modi of Elegant Meraki. 





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