Nutella mocha

Nutella mocha is that adult hot chocolate you would want to have daily, especially since it has a good dose of espresso in it to keep you going through the day. Rainy evenings and cold nights soon? This here is perfect for every mood!nutella mocha

In the mornings I usually get up with a big fat smile on my face. I open the front door, step into the garden, my little haven as I like to think of it and sit there for 5 mins just feeling the cool breeze on my face and thanking God for another beautiful day. Huh! As if. Fact: I get up, walk around with half closed eyes, stumbling and stubbing my toes at least twice on my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. After standing for five mins, I somehow manage to put on my pot of coffee and grab a quick cup of it before I get started on the day’s activities. You know how it goes.. wake up the baby, get breakfast ready, get her lunchbox ready, get her dressed, feed her, kiss her bbye and finally get to the second round of cooking for myself and P before getting ready for work and oh if time permits may be squeezing in a quick 15 mins run. I think that’s the story of most women living lives with kids and without any help. We are all way too familiar with the crazy hectic mornings and the mayhem that ensues after waking up.Seriously, the only time people look good after waking up or feeling grateful, is 1. if they seriously had a life altering experience. 2. Its their birthdays 3. Only for Instagram!! 😛 

nutella mocha

Don’t get me wrong I am in awe of those women, super women who actually get up feeling fresh and well rested and grateful! On the few occasions (which can be counted on the fingers BTW) that I do get up feeling rested, I must have been on a vacation coz life as we know it is all about keeping the ball rolling, and strangely I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love my busy happy life but I do long for a few more snatched moments of peace and quiet for me to enjoy my first cup of coffee.

Since that didn’t happen I chose this alternate solution. Made the second cup of coffee of the day a little extra special! For my second cup of coffee I do step into the garden, water my plants, read the newspaper, feel the breeze and sunlight on my face, laugh and chat with P and sip on our coffee. And not just some coffee, this specific cup of goodness with a whole lot of Nutella in it, Nutella Mocha!

Yay… Mornings look so much better! 

Thank God for Nutella Mocha!

Did I tell you what this tastes like? Imagine your favorite super strong espresso or coffee, strong, rich and add some cocoa into it for that typical mocha. Taste it. Its good right!!? Ok.. now hold on to your hats folks coz we are going to add some calories into that plain coffee shot and put it over the edge. Add a good old dollop of hazelnut Nutella and just take a step back. Let the whole mixture simmer on stove top, slowly turning your kitchen into the mocha world of your dreams, take a whiff of that chocolatey-coffee-hazelnut aroma that permeates your house by now and do a little slow jig (I know I did at the thought of drinking this!) You will swoon.

nutella mocha

It isn’t anything that needs a recipe really and that’s the reason I hadn’t posted this recipe for so long. I first had it 4 yrs back when my sis in law, knowing my love for mocha added some Nutella to my coffee coz she was out of cocoa powder. Result? Something that had me hooked and ever since then, i have indulged in this loaded Nutella mocha whenever my mood strikes , or when I find myself feeling low, or even just in need of some comfort or just plain in the mood for this Nutella mocha. 

It takes 5 minutes to make, needs only pantry staple ingredients and a simple sauce pan, but tastes like something expensive and delicious enough to serve to company. If you read my detox tea post, I spoke about how friendship begins over cups of coffee…well if it doesn’t over these Nutella mocha, I don’t what it might over! Now I really think its sweet enough without sugar, but if you feel you want it sweeter, go ahead and add some. Also, I kept it really simple with the toppings since I wasnt making this for kids. I didnt go overboard with marshmallows or other syrups, rather kept things really simple and elegant with a sprinkling of dark chocolate shavings. But seriously though, there are no rules to this, go ahead and make it whatever way your heart craves, just be sure to make it balanced. You don’t want it to be overbearingly sweet. Hence espresso really matters. But if you don’t have espresso powder, you can use a rich roasted instant coffee powder too. 

This nutella mocha is awesome for the weather that we are having right now. Cold and right in the middle of a grey monsoon, I see myself cozily curled up on my couch in my pajamas, a book in one hand, D playing near by and me, sipping on this gorgeous, filling and heavenly tasting nutella hot mocha and finally feeling grateful for the life I am living and for that particular moment. 

Life is all about these tiny bits of happiness isn’t it? Stay grateful. Stay happy. 



nutella mocha

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Nutella hot mocha
Nutella mocha is that adult hot chocolate you would want to have daily, especially since it has a good dose of espresso in it to keep you going through the day. Rainy evenings and cold nights soon? This here is perfect for every mood!
nutella mocha
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Cook Time 5 mins
Prep Time 0
Cook Time 5 mins
nutella mocha
  1. Put the milk, espresso powder, cocoa in a sauce pan and let it come to a boil. Next add the Nutella, to it,stir well and let it simmer for 3 mins. Strain and pour into cups. Shave some dark chocolate over it and drink! Enjoy 🙂
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20 thoughts

    1. I haven’t tried Nutella hot chocolate .. Won’t it be too sweet? But then I’m kind of a mocha fiend , so this works for me!! Hope you give this a try ☺️

  1. LOLLL you got me there! When I read your first couple of sentences I was like, Oh wow! This person is amazing, I wish I could wake up early in the morning with a big smile on my face and just ready to start the day!
    Anyways, that Nutella Mocha looks soooo good!!!

    1. Fooled you!! Not amazing at all.. Just a reg grouch Marx without coffee. ??? this is so nice though. We women deserve all the extra pampering we can get and this here is a total indulgence

  2. This sounds like an awesome drink to start the day with! When I read the first couple sentences of this post I was like wow that is an incredible way to start the day haha until you got to your real life daily start! I do not yet have kids and already feel like I don’t get up rested so scared to see that it’ll only get harder and harder@!

    1. Oh u lucky lucky girl! Enjoy while the sun lasts.. After you become a mum, sleep is the last thing you will ever have enough of. Of course the love compensates for the sleeplessness and the bag eyes.. Still. This Nutella mocha helps!!

  3. Ha! So when I started reading, I thought you were one of those ‘super women’ that can get up feeling refreshed and ready to go! God I wish I could do that! As it turns out, we are the same person in the morning – a hot mess! 😉 What could make those mornings better? Certainly this Nutella mocha! Actually, I’ve been craving a cup of hot chocolate at night, and this is obviously way better than just some insta-coco, so it looks like this will be my new ‘night-cap’ 🙂

    1. Haha.. I wish! I’m a total mess in the morning (not hot like you) 😉 but yes, this Nutella mocha does make the second coffee infinitely better. Warning: kinda addictive and not good for the waist line! Proceed with caution ??

  4. Looks like the jokes on me. Here I was thinking “man why can’t I be like her?” Glad to know you are normal! This is now on my to-do list!

    1. Hahaha.. Sorry about that! I’m sooo normal. I wish I was one of those super women too. Especially today morning. Nutella mocha certainly helps!

  5. I am not advisable to take anything coffee until the end of September, so this is truly torturing! But I would make sure to give this a go once I can put caffeine inside my body. 😀 Isn’t it a good way to welcome coffee again? And with Nutella? What else do I need? 😀

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