Shop my nursery is my way of simply taking you guys on a tour of the nursery. Shaping up this nursery has been a project straight from my heart and one that has taken time to come to fruition. I know there are many young moms and would be moms like me who want to design an easy, affordable yet beautiful space for their little loves. This here, is my gift to all of those expecting mommies like me.

Nursery. Honestly I didn’t quite think I would be saying these words again, much less designing one! With D already beyond the 7 plus mark, our decor strategy had been to upgrade her room from a little girl’s room to a tween bedroom, one that she could grow in and be herself in.But not surprisingly life is what happens when you are planning different things. So here I am, 6 months pregnant at the age of 34 and getting ready to turn D’s bedroom into a nursery she can share with her little sibling. Enough faff. Lets talk design.

So the only thing we kept from her old bedroom is the queen sized bed and the chest of drawers. Thankfully we live in a large double storey house and our bedrooms are quite free of bulky wardrobes as the upstairs family room has a complete wall to wall wardrobe for us. This certainly made things easier. I decided to shift D’s study table to the downstairs play room. In hindsight, it actually might have been one of the best decisions ever since now I don’t have to go up and down the stairs 10 more times in the evening. We can do all the studying right there on the ground floor. More of the play room later! That’s something i am going to do soon and you will love it.

So for the nursery, I decided to obviously add the crib/cot, turn the chest of drawers into a changing station and add a feeding chair for the baby. That’s all. Simple, uncluttered and calming was the vibe I was going for and I can happily say I have nailed it on the head! Lets get started with the Shop my Nursery and get ready to swoon at a ton of beautiful products for your little loves!


First thing on the shop my nursery section is understanding and getting the basics right. By that I mean the room itself, the walls!! Often we neglect the walls and focus on the decor. Turns out it won’t quite work out perfectly if you do that. So start with planning the color scheme of your room.

The four walls of the room have been divided into 4 distinct designs. The wall behind the bed has a stunning yet subtle starry night wallpaper from WallPaperDirect. Its classy in grey and gives D (my 7 yr old) the cool quotient she wanted. This is imported from London but they do ship worldwide.

ii. WALL #2.

The second wall (wall behind the feeding chair) has happy muted confetti wallpaper on it. This gorgeous wall paper is from Majvillan and earlier was the backdrop for D’s study table. Again, this is imported from Switzerland but they do ship worldwide! In fact my brother used their wallpapers for his kids room too!


The third wall (behind the crib/cot) is a pale blue colored wall. The shade is Sparkling Water from Asian Paints and is from their anti allergic washable range; Atmos. It adds just the right amount of pastel into an otherwise neutral room with pearly white walls; again from Asian Paints in the shade Raindrops. Available all over India.


The last wall, instead of coloring it a deep emerald tone like I originally wanted (and was boycotted by both P & D), I chose to keep the walls white. What I did here instead is simpler and removable as the baby grows and I want to switch things up. So, on the wall behind the changing station/chest of drawers I added the prettiest fabric wall stickers from Schmooks Art!! They are removable and best thing – don’t peel the paint at all!!! This is again imported from Australia but good news, they ship to India!!

Now that the walls were done and we had a body to play with, I turned my attention to the actual decor stuff. I think walls really bring the whole room together. So choose your furniture etc in complementary shades. Also, a good quality rug is a must in my home. Splurge here to the best of your ability. Don’t be stingy when it comes to furniture and rugs. I got the ones for the nursery from The Rug Republic and Little Looms.


  1. For the baby’s cot, I went with our trusted Mothercare. We went with the Marlow cot bed in classic white and went with the anti allergic mattress and foam protector for some really comfortable mattress for the baby. The cot bed is priced at INR 28000 and the mattress is INR 9000.  I did get a discount of 6000 on the cot, so overall a good deal.

2. Second piece of a must have furniture is the feeding chair. I cannot tell you how tough it was to breast feed D without a rocker. I was always on the bed and my arms would ache by the end of the day. This time I knew I had to get a rocker. Not only is it comfortable to sit on and feed the baby but its also great to rock the baby to sleep. We got ours in a camel tan leather from a local store here called Casa Dreams. They specialise in high quality furniture and this one is amazing. This rocker cost about INR 45000.

3. Third piece of furniture for the nursery was obviously a dresser. I had this chest of drawers already but I decided to turn it into a space to store baby essentials ; some swaddles, couple of light blankets, crib sheets etc. One drawer dedicated to the onesies and socks + mittens + hats (nightwear). I removed D’s storybook to the play room downstairs and turned the top of the dresser into a changing station. My plan is to add a delightful and cushioned baby nest over it and keep the Ubbi diaper pail and Ubbi diaper caddy next to it. So that in one place I can have it all. For now, I am waiting for the baby nest and my Ubbi products to arrive. So what you see in the picture here is just for reference. The dresser is made of pure mango wood and is from Hometown. It cost INR 36000 almost 3 years back.


With the furniture in place, my third course of action was obviously baby products!! Its not very easy to get the kind of muted, organic bedding I want for the baby. So trust me when I say this : “this section is going to make your life easier”!! 

If you are like me and believe in a gentler, organic, 100% cotton for your baby, these brands should be your goto!! I like the baby bedding to be neutral and have high contrast colors. Contrary to popular belief I dont think black and white is drab. In fact it really helps the babies see coz of the high contrast. That being said, I ensured I have many different styles of bedding for the baby.

  1. MASILO – This brand is my goto for all things baby. A homegrown brand, not only are their products made of 100% organic cotton, their prints are also to die for!! Everything you could want for your baby, just wish it and they have it -in delightful shades and patterns at that! I think its a must for moms to give this store a look. They have a crazy sale going on now too!! I (well D actually) chose the cot bedding set – sleepy star in pink and grey from their envious collection. It comes with an option of choosing a quilt or a dohar (light layered cotton sheet) and can be personalised also! The bedding set feature adorable characters, signature prints and super soft organic cotton Indian fabrics that add just the right amount of comfort and playfulness to your baby’s nursery.

Cot Bedding Set Includes: (can be personalised)
1 x Pillow
2 x Bolsters
1 x Dohar OR Quilted Blanket (42 x 42″)
1 x Fitted Cot Sheet*
1 x Shape Cushion.

I also opted for an extra shape cushion in the cloud shape!! A super cute addition to the star shaped cushion.

Apart from the cot bedding set, I got a cot bumper from Masilo. I went for the Nursery basics reversible cot bumper – pink and quilted. Easy to care for, this cot bumper comes with a removable zip cover that can be thrown straight into the washing machine.

10 x 160″ (30 x 405cm), fits all four sides of standard cots sized 27.5 x 55″ (70 x 140cm)

Cover: GOTS certified organic cotton
Insert: Poly foam

A cot bumper ensures your baby doesn’t hurt him/herself on the crib/cot railings. However, please ensure the bumper is tied up tightly everywhere before placing the baby in it. Also, its very important to remove all extra pillows, cushions, soft toys from the cot when putting the baby to sleep.

Also, Masilo has a wide range of nursery products and carefully curated baby shower gift bundles!! If you are looking to get something for your friend or a loved one, this would be the ideal place to start!!

2. ALMIRAH STORE – Another proud home grown brand, Amirah’s design aesthetics are definitely Indian!! Their love for color and Indian motifs show through their designs beautifully. Again, everything is 100% GMO certified organic cotton and here’s a bonus – they have a lot of stuff for kids too, not just babies!!

I opted for a bunch of stuff from their Llama bedding collection. Let me just say this – their print and quality is amazing!! The quilts are light yet totally warm for babies. The colors and designs are happy and child friendly.

We chose the Llama quilt for D and a matching Llama quilt for the baby in new born size. Accompanying that was the perfect little llama printed pillow for the baby to sleep on, two matching bolsters. I bought a reversible dohar in their best seller “haathi or elephant” print. Its white and has similar turquoise toned elephants on it. Adorable and extremely soft. They have some perfect nursery essentials like soft wash clothes and towels for babies and we got a travel pouch in Llama print to finish the look.   A shape cushion proclaiming “shh baby is sleeping” completed the look and they were cute enough to surprise me with a little jewel toned banner too!

Their products are not only perfect for babies, but they are lively and playful, cheerful and uber cute! Look them up and you will fall in love.

3. SOMMER HOME – Beautiful, simple Nordic inspired designs are their goto. If like me you enjoy the neutral beauty of Scandinavian / Nordic design, they have a good collection. I chose couple of fitted crib sheets, 3 swaddles and 1 blanket from them. Here everything is in the high contrast black and white, with pale pink bears on some swaddle , little teepees on another. The quilt is a delightful Llama in cheerful yellow, black and white.


4. FANCY FLUFF They were named as one of the best baby linen brands by Kidsstoppress and now I know why! They cater to a more color happy people and are unabashed believers of happy prints and colors for kids. Everything is organic muslin and cotton and they have some cute blankets too! I chose the pastel shaded trio of swaddles. Made of organic muslin, these swaddles are dreamy to say the least. I can imagine me wrapping these around my baby and the baby just floating onto a world of dreams.

I also got the “happiness is sound sleep” blanket from them. A super soft fleece blanket, just the right size for the baby this one is gentle and extremely cuddle-worthy!! Taking the baby out for a stroll, throw this on and you are good to go!!

Another of their specialities are the baby feeding pillows. An absolute necessity if you ask me. They come in a choice range of colors and patterns and are perfect to spend hours feeding the baby or even putting the baby to sleep.

5.BABY JALEBI So i wanted a bamboo or rattan moses basket for the baby. Just so I can carry the baby around home easily, maneuver the stairs without the hassle of bringing in another furniture just to be kept downstairs. But P doesnt think rattan and kids go hand in hand! Hah. Anyways i was boycotted and I decided to let the dad decide on this one. He surprised me with the prettiest bassinet/ basket ever!! We got a beautiful hand made bassinet from baby jalebi.

Not only does it come with a light mattress for the comfort of the baby, it actually comes covered with a bumper throughout. So the entire basket is comfortably cushioned! We got a pillow and a mosquito net with the bassinet since we feel its paramount to protect kids from the mosquitoes!! This particular print is called ” English Rose”. I can now picture myself putting the baby down to nap in this while I cook or shoot! Best part ?? No extra furniture needed. And later once the baby grows, you can use it as a toy/linen storage! These would be perfect for babyshower gifts too!

6. ALIMROSE – I bought a simple and less expensive canopy from PatPat shopping. The reason is this – one, i don’t know how will i will want the canopy, i wanted a lighted breathable fabric that can be used as a mosquito net for when the baby is in the crib. Enter this lovely tulle canopy!! But to dress it up I got the most beautiful Tulle cloud canopy mobile from Alim Rose.

I also got a couple of beautiful dolls and a baby rattle (SEE THE PIC UNDER MASILO)! Everything is handmade and the quality is impeccable!! D loves playing with these dolls so much. Everything is imported from Australia but they do ship to India.

Alright guys. This is it for now. I hope you find this helpful. The next “shop my nursery” post will include details about decor and other things. For now, lets get the basics ready. I hope you guys find this helpful. I will be adding everything to my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest of course including some fun videos, so don’t forget to catch up with me there!!

I will keep adding to this section “Shop my nursery” here coz I know so many moms out there who struggle with deciding what to get for their babies or how to prepare a nursery that pretty and practical. As always, all it needs is a bit of planning and following your heart while designing a room that’s close to your heart. After all, I have no training in this but I enjoyed this project more than my entire house put together. Happy getting ready for your little bundle of joy mamas!!



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