Valentines Day round up – All things love!

Valentine’s Day round up is a special love edit post curated by me. Ranging mouth watering dishes from the best of appetizers to stunning mains, from positively lust inducing desserts to the perfect thirst quencher, this round up has something for everything.

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

vday breads

I can still recall the first time I went out with P. Its etched as clearly in my mind as if it happened yesterday. Its like he had me at “hello”. What followed was a whirlwind romance straight out of the heady M&B books (for the lack of a better example). Some of you might have been friends first then fallen in love. Some gotten married first, then fallen for your husbands. Whatever be your love story, be it the the first adolescent unrequited love of your dreams or the man you met when you were least looking for love, all of us have a love story. Valentine’s day is a day we choose to take a pause and celebrate that special someone in our life.

However, lets not dwell too much on bygones. Fact,  as parents of a rather boisterous 5 yr old and busy working lifestyles, romance hardly gets time in our lives. Whatever time we do get together is spent doing things. Visiting friends, going out to a movie, taking the kid out on play dates, doing chores and then the banal banter fills up the remaining time. We seldom get the time to have a real conversation anymore unless we make time for it. And that’s exactly what we need to do.  Be it Valentine’s day or just your regular weekend its a prerequisite to set time aside for love.


We are not too big on the whole roses, pink and hearts that you see social media and the shops saturated with during valentine’s season. In fact, I personally find such show of love extremely juvenile But each to his own, and hey if you are the candy, roses and hearts kinda person, good for you! You still believe in magic and probably even think Santa Claus is real. But for the rest of us more pragmatic folks, Valentine’s day is an excuse to surrender to the call of the sweet tempting desserts and those special luxurious mains that we wouldn’t bother to slave over otherwise. Now that is a celebration I cant wait to be part of!

With that thought in mind, I have compiled this round up featuring some of my fellow blogger friend’s posts. There’s tongue tickling starters, stunning mains,aphrodisiac loaded lust inducing desserts and even the perfect thirst quencher, this round up has something for everything.

I hope you guys love this menu too and try something from the links given below.

vday bfats

vday main

vday desserts

vday drinks

vday 2



  1. Classic waffles – Jyothi Verne from Flavor Flame Fusion
  2. Churro Waffles with mocha sauce – Swayam from Lapetitchef
  3. Red velvet aebleskiver pancakes – Smruti from Herbivore Cucina
  4. Eggless carrot muffins – Annapurna
  5. Charred goat cheese queso fundido by Tina from Love is in my tummy
  6. Two Indian Lobster recipes by Ankiet from Belly over mind
  7. Grilled lamb chops spinach Roman style by Tamara from Beyond mere sustenance
  8. Poached egg burger with garlic aioli by Swayam from Lapetitchef
  9. Mustard crusted chicken roast by Swayam from Lapetitchef
  10. Crab stubbed flounder by Bobbi from Bam’s Kitchen
  11. Bacon wrapped sirloin steak by Mila from Girl and the kitchen
  12. Oven roasted sweet and spicy chicken drumstick by Nimmi from Nimmi Afzal
  13. Crab Imperial appetiser by Michelle from A dish of daily life
  14. Chocolate fondue by Meghan from Fox and Briar
  15. Churro bundt cakes by Swayam from Lapetitchef
  16. Croissant and whiskey pudding by Ankiet from Belly over mind
  17. Black pepper rose puff loaf by Suchi from Elegant meraki
  18. White chocolate creme brulee by Manju from Cookingcurries
  19. Marzipan white chocolate love cakes by Naina from Spice in the city
  20. Strawberry Rhubarb sparkling cocktail by Manju from cooking curries
  21. Dark rum strawberry mango mojito by Anupama from My ginger garlic kitchen
  22. The classic Cosmopolitan by Aish from My Yellow Apron
  23. Strawberry cream mimosa by Swayam from Lapetitchef
  24. Chocolate tart with champagne truffles by Lynn from The road to honey
  25. Blueberry peach yogurt cake by Karthiskitchenstudio
  26. Nutella molten lava cake by Mila from Girl and the kitchen
  27. Molten chocolate lava cakes from Meghan by Fox and Briar
  28. Paan truffles with gulkand centre by Sandhya from Indfused
  29. Filter kaapi pannacotta by Jofy from Foodieadamcookieeve
  30. Salted caramel and chocolate pavlova by Swayam from Lapetitchef
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Valentines Day round up - All things love!
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