Well by now most of you have probably seen our pregnancy announcement on Instagram, but if not here’s the big news!! We will be having a sweet little baby this November! Words cannot describe how excited we are!! It feels surreal and we are just so grateful for living and experiencing this miracle once again!


The thing about us PCOS warriors is that we are never sure of our period dates. Atleast I am not. It has been a good two months since i had last had my periods yet I didn’t even dream i was pregnant. Why? Coz over the last two years I have silently been trying to conceive and everytime my body betrayed me, I felt crushed. So much so that I simply stopped thinking about having another baby.

I hadnt been keeping well for a couple of weeks. There was the occasional episode of me throwing up & not feeling like eating anything for a couple of weeks. Naively we assumed it must be the hot weather and my body was unable to cope with it. I switched to fruits and salad and yogurt. Even the sight of food used to turn me off. Which is again why I have been slightly silent on the cooking front. I cooked for others but i just didnt have any appetite to eat.

It was one such evening when my parents were here. I had our house favorite garlic and black pepper chicken curry. It smelled and looked delicious. Everyone was enjoying it while half a roti down, I felt like throwing up. So much so that i left my meal and went into another room. That was when everyone got worried and promptly packed me off to the general physician.

Now this bit is hilarious, especially if you imagine yourself to be me 😉 So there i was, stomach exposed thinking “this is it..i probably have a stomach ulcer or worse” when the radiologist doing the ultrasound casually says “there’s pregnancy”. I , the idiot that I am thought he’s asking me and I reply “No, there isn’t.”. Now its his turn to stare at me. But the kind elderly gentleman that he was, he smiles at me, turns the screen to me and says “there IS pregnancy”. That blob right here is your baby and I would say its close to 11 weeks old by now”!!!!

Say Whatttttt?? I took a min to look at the screen. Honestly, it does look like a blob but to my eyes it felt like a miracle. In spite of trying not to, i have got tears in my eyes and its down my cheeks. The doc leaves us for a min. P is there suddenly holding my hands and kissing me and staring at the screen, with a wild grin on his face!!! We were in shock!! Our world had just turned upside down and we couldn’t think straight (or in P’s case stop grinning!)

Somehow, still in a daze, wondering what D’s reaction will be, how i will manage work and two babies we reached home. I stand in shock in front of my parents who are really worried by now looking at me. In comes P and he just blurts it out – “we are pregnant”!!!! Oh the joy!!! I cant imagine anything feeling better. The giant hugs my parents gave me and P at this news was worth every little disappointment of the last two years.

D – well she’s like me. Practical. Slightly scared of what this will mean for her. SHe bursts into tears and says “now you wont love me as much”! After much cajoling and explaining to her, she calms down, looks at me and hugs me the tightest she ever has. Heartmelt people. Heartmelt.

It was awkward and sweet all rolled into one and simply the best evening ever. We cried and hugged and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other…haha! We decided to keep the news to just ourselves for a while, as it was super early on. It felt like the best secret, just the three of us and our families knowing and everyday talking about it. It’s strange how that almost feels so long ago now.

I am 15 weeks pregnant now and finally finding the words to put my feelings into his post here.

This is not working out to be an easy pregnancy like I had with D. I have intense morning sickness that makes me so nauseous I can’t even tolerate driving for 15 mins. I can barely stand most food; eating or being cooked. I am already feeling super exhausted. Climbing one flight of stairs to the first floor of our home is proving to be a Herculean task. I am losing patience at times at what I feel is a betrayal by my body when I need it the most. I have been admitted overnight in the hospital already. It’s been rough. It’s been scary. I goto bed every night kissing D & P and praying that my new baby is growing fine. I goto bed every night kissing D & P and praying that my new baby is growing fine. I am petrified that this blessing might be snatched away from me just as suddenly as it was bestowed on us.

Sadly, things came to such a crappy situation health wise last night that we had to cancel our Maldives trip for which we were to leave today morn coz I am in no condition to travel. My doc told me to fly home pronto, so we will be home tomorrow.
But through it all, the realisation that my body is growing another beautiful baby inside it, when no one had thought miracles happen twice makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

To everyone suffering from PCOS or any other fertility issues, i share with you this story to let you know that sometimes even the impossible happens. Have hope and stay strong.

We can’t wait for what’s to come and to share this journey with you guys! We are due on Nov 14th. Thank you so much for all of your overwhelming support on instagram and the kind messages. We have read every single one of them and they have truly warmed our hearts. It’s been such a special time for us!

Until the next time.



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we are having a baby + how we found out
we are having a baby + how we found out
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  1. This is such an inspirational and sweet story. And I love how you say warrior instead of pcos sufferer ! That’s what I shall call myself from now on, thanks from a fellow pcos warrior 😊

  2. Hey that’s lovely.. may I ask how old are you? Cos I’m 34 and I’m not sure if my body can take another baby?

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