Testimonials and Kind words

“She cooks with heart and soul, she cooks with love, she comes up with master pieces and every time manages to surprise you with her innovation…… Her recipes are simple, delicious and sometimes with a twist in the tale 😉 Swayampurna will give you the tips and tricks to whip up the most complicated dishes in the simplest of ways. Every recipe has a story behind it which often brings back some sweet recollections. Hope we get to see many more recipes. Keep up the great work 😀 

P.S. The photographs make me drool”.

– Pallavi Dasgupta https://www.facebook.com/swayampurna.singh/posts/1146437428703939?notif_t=like

“This Blog is the perfect amalgamation of visual euphoria, trivia and stories wrapped up in brilliance. It is the kind of Food Blog I love where there is an intriguing story preceding the superlative dishes. Not only does this Blog hold me by weaving these beautiful stories with the delectable recipes, the story that unfolds through the pictures is equally enthralling. Kudos to the supremely crafted author of this Blog for putting up one tantalising dish after the other and also her deftness at adding a magical twirl and making each dish extraordinary. I would say this is one “Not To Be Missed ” kinda Blog”.

– Fellow blogger Piyali Muthha at My tryst with food and travel

“La Petit Chef’ is a blog for the serious food lover. Swayam does a commendable job of providing the reader with a wholesome approach to food. There is an eclectic mix of Indian and International recipes here to satisfy all tastebuds. The simplistic yet professional approach to photography along with the beautiful stories (and often, the tongue-in-cheek humour) she spins around each dish is what makes ‘La Petit Chef’ stand out among its peers. A delicious read and an inspiring blog to cook from…..”

– Fellow blogger Dhanya Samuel, www.thespiceadventuress.com

“I don’t know from where to begin…. I have cooked almost all from your blog and loved every bit of it. And photography….. Don’t have enough words to describe.
I love reading whatever you write …be recipe…mothers dairy or travel note…please write a novel too tongue emoticon
I have found a great friend in you sampooooooo
Very best of luck and keep making super delicious dishes.
Love n hugs to u n dishu!”

– Surekha Mastud Verma

“A Lady with great talent, passion and style.. Words just don’t describe her Work.. She uses a perfect blend of spices, colors and adds glamour for every dish that she makes and she makes it with pure love. Has a great knowledge on every ingredient she uses and makes sure she gives a detail Recipe on her blog for her followers.. In simple She’s a Lady with great talent and outstanding Work.. I wish her all the best in all her endeavours”.

– Prithvi. https://www.facebook.com/swayampurna.singh?fref=nf&pnref=story

“Classy is what comes to my mind, when i see her posts. Her dishes sound so complicated , but are actually quite simple. Her sophisticated taste shows in her choice of crockery. Her style of cooking reminds me of the high teas and fancy dinners we had in the army mess on special occasions. One can safely try out any of her dishes, with excellent results. lots of luck girl, you will go places”.

– Duru https://www.facebook.com/Spicesnme?fref=ts

“She’s a smart cook, a talented blogger,an affectionate mother besides being a fabulous writer,i got to know her culinary skills through her page on F B and her well written blog. I feel she gives her 100% to whatever she does, her photography stands out every time she clicks,she has an ability to make things look wow, i am a big fan of her recipes, have tried many of them like shakshuka (which was outstanding) ghee roast left an aroma of ghee in my home. I am yet to try her other wonderful creations, i wish her all the very best for life,true to her name she is complete [swayam]”.

-Madhu Dhawn https://www.facebook.com/Spicesnme?fref=ts

“I started following her blog when i saw her post on Bangalore foodies club. Her love for food is evident in the way she makes her dishes and presents them. Special attention to her photography skills too 🙂 Her style of cooking is very inspirational, it will make any food lover try their hand at these new receipes, simple yet very scrumptious. Special kudos to this banker who has not given up on her passion. Way to goSwayampurna :D”

-Nivi Selvaraj

“I must appreciate your art of writing and then photography.. I can scroll, read, feel your dinner stories however longer they might be 😉 Unique photography style, Anytime-ready to assist and clear out silly doubts ( remember we are canon partner in crimes ;)), your choice of gourmet recipes – I cannot stop admiring them! Wish you greater heights dear 🙂 Happy to have you in my blogging journey :)”

 – Jofy ( FoodieAdamCookieEve )

“La Petit Chef brings a new flair to cooking and shows the concepts that young chefs in India have about food. It ushers a new era into the culinary world with newer concepts and combinations. It was my pleasure to know Swayampurna Mishra Singh as my co-blogger and her hard work and dedication shows in the food that she make. Her passion for food and cooking and photography translates on to the platter that she presents. For me she is the true ambassador who can represent both national and international food culture across the globe. Swayampurna is making an amazing effort to explore and show case the gastronomic journey with her amazing culinary skills, and to keep alive for future generations through her website. I hope she achieves her goal and wish her all the very best for all her future endeavors”.

– Shaheen Ali blogs at www.spoonforkandfood.com

“Took a while to think of the best lines for you gal! Didnt get much time to interact with you much in college (rather no interaction in college!). So now whatever I know of you is all through your cooking and your love for Dishu 🙂I must say both of them inspire me a lot! The colors, the blends and the textures you use in your cooking are just our of the world and the blends that you come up with are just so unusual. I must say its a bankalicious transition from a banker to a chef!”

– Anubhuti Agarwal.

“Lapetitchef always makes unique recipes with her own personal flare. Her food photography is spot on with great food composition and trademark style. Good luck and take care”.

– Bobbi @bamskitchen.

“It has been great to see your writing, cooking and clicking bloom with passion. I keep looking forward to reading your stories and learning things with you. Keep up the fab work. All the best as you and the blog embark on a new journey. Hugs”

-Pallavi Purani

 “Swayam is a fabulous cook with a flair for writing !I love her fantastic recipes , the beautiful pictures and the write up !She is a very loving wife and a devoted mother .I consider her a good friend too !Her recipes are beautiful , sophisticated and exotic too like Swayam herself .Wish you all the very best my friend “!

– Sheeba Pillai