Playroom makeover the easy way

playroom makeover the easy way is a home renovation project that had been playing in my mind for the longest time. A simple, child friendly room which would have all the play things for my daughter stored in neat little baskets. The thing that totally changed the look of the room were the gorgeous wall murals from Murals Wallpaper and the lovely wall paper from Majvillan.

Ever since D became 5, I had been wanting a playroom makeover the easy way  for her so that she could do whatever she wanted in it without ruining the other rooms or creating a mess in the rest of the house. The fact is she takes after me and is a clean, organised child already. I rarely have to yell at her to clean up the mess after playing coz she and her friends do that on their own. Even when she was a child, she never drew or scribbled on the walls like I have seen so many kids do. Needless to say, that made me super proud of her.

We live in a rented bungalow at the moment that spans about 2200 sqft. Its spacious for sure. But I just knew D wanted more space to play in a room that was unencumbered by her bed etc. And since we had a spare room that had become a piling shitty room of sorts, I decided it was time to do the room over and give my darling baby the play room she so deserved.

I started the renovation by shopping for wall murals and wallpapers since I knew that was something we both wanted. After a lot of research and careful deliberation, me & D decided to go ahead with Murals Wallpaper for one of the walls, and Majvillan for an adjacent wall. The other two walls were painted a pristine white to complement the colors of the wallpapers and neutralise the room a bit.

Now that we had the wall murals in place , we began with the actual renovation. I really wish I had before pictures to show you the mess that room was, but sadly I dont. May be you can visualise. The walls were a dirty yellow. Not bright. Not buttery. It was a baddddd yellow!!! Ghastly. We started the prep for the playroom makeover by doing putty on all the walls and coloring it a basic white. Once the paint dried, our first and foremost job was to put up the wall papers! And boy were we excited!! The room already looked so much fresher now that the dirty yellow was gone. I could just imagine how lovely the wallpapers would look.

Putting up the wall murals from Murals Wallpaper was so simple!! I laid the sheets down and aligned them first so that everything was in place. Once that was set, I turned them over (1 roll at a time) and brushed the underside with some heavy duty wallpaper adhesive. Then with my help holding the bottom part of the mural, I started at the top and simply started pasting it on the wall. You have to be slightly careful when you do this coz if its not aligned or straight it will make the whole room crooked. I used a steel measuring tape to line it out so that the whole thing was straight. Use a ruler to remove any bubbles by wiping the wallmural in a downward direction. I used a basic blade to cut in spaces where the window was and tada… before we knew it one wall of the playroom makeover was done and covered in the cutest, smartest mural ever. The wall mural from Murals Wallpaper is called “Peek” and is a stunning, gender neutral way to do up a kids room. Its perfect for nursery, kids play room like I have used here or even bathrooms! We fell in love with the scalloped edges of this mural that has adorable fairy wood creatures peeping from it. It feels like they are playing peek a boo with kids!! Absolutely beautiful.

For the adjacent wall, we decided to keep the animal theme running, but instead of something similar, we decided to make it look like a completely different space altogether. For this space, we chose the sublime “Black Panther” in creamy orange wallpaper from Majvillan. This wallpaper is so pretty yet strong, just like my daughter D. In fact both the wall murals were her choice completely, I just okayed them and sent the orders. This wallpaper made the room come together in a most perfect manner! Now D and her friends pretend play peek a boo on one wall and pretend to go on safari and spot panthers and spotted leopards on the other wall. Win win for all!!

This playroom also houses an old laminated 4 door closet i typically use to store my sarees. Since I am not a big fan of buying new furniture every couple of years, I decided to makeover these laminated brown closets in the simplest way possible. Again, it was Murals Wallpaper to my rescue. I chose this delightful frolic wall mural from them and used adhesive to cover the closet!! Done. Such a simple, easy and quick solution to hiding old closets. No need of priming, sanding and painting. In fact there was no need to even empty the closet!!! Is there anything that makes a 32 week pregnant working woman with a 7 year old happier??  Not in my life. I chose the frolic coz of its white base and fun pops of color that blended right in with the play room. After all, is there anything more playful or childlike than confetti??!!

So that done, we moved on to the question of storage of toys. Since i didn’t want to be continually stressing about how the hampers or storage boxes look, i opted for a closed closet. Also, saved so much time I would otherwise have to spend cleaning. As appealing as open boxes for toys sound, fact is a closed closet or a vintage armoire are much more practical. Since I am all about keeping my life and mind space clutter free, i opted for the later.

We also, shifted D’s study table to her playroom and got the cutest little storage unit from Boingg India for her school books.

A couple of  wooden wall shelves from Swaddle Cove to house her favorite story books made this room a one stop shop for my daughter who now didn’t have to go up and down all the time.The study was kept very basic; we used her old study table since it was in good condition anyway and added a pale pink cushioned Eames leather chair for her. We decided to put a gallery wall right above the study table using some lovely and fun prints from Urban Kaarigars. A couple of personalised wooden boxes for D from The Tiny Trove and we had a playroom makeover that was better than we had even dreamt of.

Its spacious, neat and organised room for the little ones to play in, study, curl up with a book and entertain their little buddies without making the rest of the house their playground! Yay!! This playroom wouldn’t have been the same without the gorgeous wallmural from Murals Wallpaper and Majvillan. Absolutely changed the look of this basic playroom makeover the easy way into one that’s straight out of a kid’s imagination.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and simple playroom makeover the easy way story. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with me and my life updates on a more regular manner.



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