In a nutshell here’s what the “MY INDIAN KITCHEN cookbook is about- “with her poignant writing and lush photography, this cookbook will have you swooning over each page – soon you’ll be filling your home with the comforting aromas of warm, rich spices and fragrant simmering sauces.”

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my indian kitchen cookbook

What an unreal moment! Finally sharing the cover and a small trailer of my debut cookbook My Indian Kitchen. In 35 days, My Indian Kitchen, my first cookbook, the one it took me one and a half years to write is finally releasing!! To say that it’s a piece of my heart will be an understatement. Feeling super excited and slightly nervous, but I know the recipes here are fool proof, easy and nourishing, something you can make and enjoy with your family without breaking out a sweat or turning into a nervous wreck!

So first things first, My Indian Kitchen is for everyone who loves good food and a good read! Pretty much like the blog I listen to my heart and cook what I love. But here I made a conscious decision to keep the recipes intrinsically Indian at heart. Mostly coz its my aim in life to make Indian seem more approachable to everyone! I wanted everyone to try cooking Indian food at home, to try the food we make at home and not be afraid.

To quote myself from The Indian Kitchen ” Even if you are new to Indian cuisine, my cooking notes and measurements will help you through it. There is nothing in here that will scare you out of the kitchen or challenge your patience too much. And even if something goes wrong remember there is always another day. Instead of focussing on measurements too much, here’s a friendly tip: Breathe in. Breathe out. Remember the joy of cooking and your love for everything new ; let your nose, eyes and heart be your guide. Now simply go create memories of your own with me cooking beside you. Ring in a friend, invite family over and get inspired by all the deliciousness you see here. I am sure pretty soon you will have memories of your own to share.”

I have divided the book into a few sections to ease you guys into the dishes.

  1. BEGINNINGS – We begin with appetizers that range from simple to almost opulent along with my personal favorite saffron and yogurt chicken tikka, sesame coconut crusted shrimps.
  2. IN MY BOWL – For meals that are as comforting as butter chicken or as indulgent as Ma’s Lamb curry. I show you how to achieve deep flavors with a few ingredients, classic curries. This section has some of my favorites to cook at home.
  3. PULAOS & PILAFS – shows you to make beautiful platters of rice dishes perfect for sharing
  4. FLOUR & WATER – head over here and you will never have to order in flatbreads again! I start with the most basic roti and jazz it up with a scrumptious garlic naan and almond poppy parathas!
  5. BREAKFAST AT HOME – This is clearly my favorite section in the book! There are quick and simple breakfasts to ease you into the day; from lazy weekend friendly honey & saffron crepes and a gorgeous chai spiced cinnamon roll to the more exotic spiced savory rice pancakes.
  6. LUNCHBOX – has a few simple dishes that make perfect sense in a lunchbox. These are easy, perfect for work, and make ahead dishes that wont demand too much of you in the mornings.
  7. MY SWEET LIFE – Our favorite part of the meal, something without which my day feels incomplete, desserts! There’s soft rose scented paneer gulab jamuns and a quick strawberry yogurt mousse, almond and peanut butter popsicles, my granny’s coconut pies and so much more!
  8. LETS DRINK – timeless, classic Indian beverages that everyone must make at home.

I would love to see your creations from the cookbook My Indian Kitchen. So, please use the hash tag #myindiankitchen and share on social media. I would love to hear back from you and see what you are making! Tag me on your creations with @lapetitchef and leave me DMs on Instagram. Also, I would love it if you could leave some reviews on AMAZON as they really help the author!

my indian kitchen cookbook

I am super grateful to Amandip Uppal, author of Indian Made Easy for her generous foreword for My Indian Kitchen.

A glimpse of the REVIEWS left by some of my extremely talented peers:

  1. “Swayam’s poignant voice is the backdrop for this rich collection of recipes. The headnotes are vivid with personal and cultural anecdotes all the while coaxing you through ingredients both exotic and familiar. I can’t wait to cook my way through every beautiful recipe, starting with the Coconut Handpies!” – Rebecca Firth, author of The Cookie Book and creator of DisplacedHousewife
  2. With this collection of daily stories and age-old wisdom, Swayam has created a visual feast infused with delicious warmth and vibrant recipes. There is a tangible comfort in her beautiful moody photos and the food invokes memories of home and nourishing meals. This is the food I absolutely want to cook in my kitchen for my family! Sneh Roy, author of Tasty Express and the award-winning blog Cook Republic.
  3. Everything about this book showcases a person with an eye for detail and passion for life. Through these simple yet intensely flavourful recipes Swayam shows a candid and no holds barred vignette of her life to us. Her life revolves around food, family and joy of cooking . She is stylish yet honest and mega creative. The recipes are a treasure and a treat for anyone to cook.  – Vicky Ratnani, Celebrity chef, Tv personality and author of Vicky goes veg.
  4. The first thing that strikes you about this book are the gorgeous pictures and impeccable styling of Swayam.The recipes here are incredibly appealing to people of all genres. Easy dishes, a few slow cooked luxurious meals, decadent desserts with amazing twists and wholesome nourishing food for the entire family is what this beauty of a book is all about. – Chef Ashish Bhasin, Executive chef at Leela, Gurgaon.
  5. Swayam’s writing and recipes are deeply evocative of a time and place; of longing and belonging, of sharing and nurturing. It’s all the food we love (Hand pies! Grilled corn! Crepes! Croquettes! Shakshuka! Cinnamon Rolls!, but not as we know them. Boldly but judiciously flavoured with exciting spices, the dishes appear familiar and exotic at the same time – the very best kind of cooking. I cannot wait to cook and eat everything in this beautiful book – Helen Goh, co-author of Sweet, product developer at Ottolenghi.
  6. Swayam‘s energy is the essence of what makes cooking so great” – Sara Oteri, MasterChef Australia finalist.
  7.  We love Indian cuisine, and Swayampurna makes it easy and approachable. From tasty appetizers to vibrant desserts, she reveals the secrets of authentic Indian dishes, and she is a friendly, helpful guide into the world of Indian cooking!Ryan and Adam, authors of Husbands That Cook.
  8. Reading Swayampurna’s book feels like cooking with her in her kitchen and listening to her enchanting stories while making a delicious meal using fresh and homey ingredients and aromatic spices. Simple yet magical, this cookbook is one that every home needs.” – Shadi HasanzadeNemati, Author of the Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook and founder of 
  9. I love a cookbook that can be as enticing as it is accessible, finding the balance between the two is an art and Swayam masters it. “My Indian kitchen” is my go to book for delicious Indian recipes. – Nargisse Benkabbou, author of Casablanca. 
  10. With Swayam’s recipes and personal stories as your guide, you will discover a wide range of approachable and delicious recipes for both the novice and the seasoned cook.  Her book will make you forget take out, and you’ll be cooking Indian food at home instead.- Deborah Balint (aka Rainy Day Bites), food photographer, stylist, recipe developer, and host of Instagram cookbook club. 
  11. Swayampurna’s unique ability to mix bold Indian flavors and creative ingredients shines through in her beautiful cookbook- Chitra Agrawal, Owner of Brooklyn Delhi and Author of Vibrant India. 
  12. Swayam has captured the heart of India in her cookbook, through her home, memories and kitchen. This is where life begins. Her book is filled with beautiful imagery and anecdotes to the recipes that make you feel you are part of her family. The recipes are important family heirlooms, which are so very comforting and delicious. They will keep you cooking day after day wanting more. Simply beautiful. Joudie Kalla – Author of best-selling cookbook ‘Palestine On A Plate.’

Hope you guys enjoy reading and cooking from My Indian Kitchen as much as I loved making this book for you!!