5 healthy habits I started in 2020

As you guys know I turned mom again three months back! Life has changed for sure. For the better you ask??  Yes I say!! A resounding yes. There’s hardly anything that could give one the same joy as holding your baby and seeing her become her own person. But after the indulgence of the pregnancy and my inactive body I knew I had to make some changes in 2020. After all I owe it to myself to be the best version of me; and that is simply not possible without a few healthy habits.

So while I dont buy into the whole new year new me and new year resolution bit, I do believe in taking affirmative actions towards becoming better and healthier. Here’s a few things that are in my must do list for a healthy me!

  1. Talk to myself as I would to others. In short – love myself and be kind to myself. Often we put ourselves last on the priority list. In fact I feel it comes naturally to women, especially us moms, right? While thats sometimes a good thing. we must also remember that sometimes we need to treat ourselves kindly and put our own needs first.
  2. Start a basic postpartum exercise routine –  Needless to say getting fitter, physically stronger is in the list. Here I am focussing on a healthier me in body. Notice I am not talking about weight loss?? Coz that would be being unkind to myself. Our bodies go through tremendous changes in these nine months. The least we can do is give it a year to get back to the pre-pregnancy weight and shape. In fact, even of you dont get back to it, its fine. Whats important is you be fit and healthy from within. Strength over weight anyday. So i have started slowly with daily walks and surya namaskars, a few squats and burpees at home (after being cleared by my doctor of course!)
  3. Going to sleep on time and waking up on time – Most people equate new mothers with sleepless nights. Thankfully though R is a sound sleeper. And I get a decent 5-6 hours of sleep (which is a huge deal for new moms). Sure those hours are broken by having to feed R, but I feel rested enough. Reason? I make it a point to goto bed and wake up at a certain time everyday. My body has gotten used to that cycle and I rest better. Which ultimately means a healthier me!
  4. Eat better!! I eat everything. I love food… as if that’s a surprise to anyone! But yes, now i am taking more care about what I cook and how i cook it. In fact not just eating, I am more of where my produce is coming from,I am really reading the labels on boxes and making more of an effort to eat locally sourced produce from small farms. Choosing and careful consideration of what I eat is the absolute focus this year.
  5. Getting more protein in my diet – Yes, this is a primary focus for me this year. As a working mom of 2 kids with a wide age gap I am always running around. If I am not working, I am either driving D around to her extra curricular classes or helping her with assignments. And I am balancing a new born baby with all that I do. Since I also exclusively breastfeed R, it’s even more vital that I get enough protein in my diet.This is simply not possible without supplements. No matter how much protein I include in my diet I feel tired and exhausted. Which is why my nutritionist recommended Protinex to me. Every morning and night I enjoy a cup of milk or my smoothie with a spoonful of their Tasty Chocolate variant which is high in Protein and has 23 essential vitamins and minerals. And honestly, I feel so much better!! Getting more protein in my diet – done now thanks to Protinex!

I hope you found this helpful in someway and will think about the five ways in which you can be healthier in 2020. Dont forget to leave a comment on your health plans. We are also having this and many more meaningful dialogues everyday on my Instagram page. Do join in and lets talk more!!



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5 healthy habits I started in 2020
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